It’s total hours worked, not years practiced

total hours

I had just switched high schools. I didn’t know a soul.

The second day of class, this kid with real long hair came and sat right behind me. The teacher asked why he was joining the class late and he said that he just got out of jail.

So no one else dared to talk to him. Except me.

We found out that we both loved Metal. And he said, “dude, you should get a guitar.”

So I did.

I’d either bring the guitar over to his house or he’d bring his over to mine. Every free minute we had, we’d both practice.

I got good real fast. Then, the bottom dropped out for him once again. So I did the only thing I wanted to do – keep practicing.

Without even playing guitar an entire year, I already joined my first serious band. We did Metallica, Judas Priest, and Motorhead covers. I played lead guitar.

Then I moved to California after this band broke up. Before even playing two years, I was starting my own bands.

There was a lot of jealousy. I did circles around guys who played for years. And this is when I learned that it’s not years practiced, it’s total hours.

Total hours

I’ve said before that if you put 10,000 hours into anything, you will be good at it. That goes for pretty much anything. The more total hours you practice, the better you get.

That’s where most people make the mistake. They think it’s years. No, it’s total hours.

A guy who practices anything for eight hours a day for one year will do circles around someone who did that thing for ten years, but only practiced when he was in the right mood.

I’ve already surpassed people with degrees in music. I orchestrate and compose better than most people on the planet. That’s because I work more total hours on it.

The same goes for painting. I’ve passed up people who’ve been painting for years.

This mentality will work for you too. I don’t have some special genetics. I’m not super talented. I just work harder and more focused than 99% of people. That’s why I get results.

Passion is everything

When you find what you’re passionate about, you start pouring your soul into he work. It will show. You’ll notice that you’re getting real fast gains.

This will apply to anything.

You’ll find time will move really fast. You’ll look up and five hours will be fine just like that. But, you’ll look at what you’ve done with a big fat smile.

You’ll find yourself getting ridiculous gains. You’ll start passing up people who have been doing this for years. But, you did it with passion and intent. They did it half ass. Then they’ll wonder how you passed them up in such a short amount of time.

But that’s the key word. Time. Your total hours passed theirs because they weren’t focusing. They were fucking off while you were focused.

That’s where it’s at, my friends. Find your passion, get completely obsessed with it, and you’ll get the results you want.

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Almost all the pictures on this website were shot by yours truly. When they weren’t, I’ll specifically mention it.

This one wasn’t. It was shot by S Sepp.


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