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Romantic Metal and time management

I met Kristy Jessica through Jin. I asked Jin to help cast for our Succubus video and bring a second girl. She had to be easy to work with and she had to be attractive. So, Jin grabbed Kristy. And I’m very glad she did.

When we shot the Darvulia video, once again, we cast both Kristy and Jin. This time around though, Kristy had the lead role.

As Kristy’s from Seattle and Jin’s from LA, they’re both traveling so both stayed with us for a few days in our downstairs. Our downstairs is completely open – I use it for my photography studio. I got to see firsthand what an insane work ethic is like.

Now, keep in mind, I personally know successful CEOs of decent sized companies. I work as a consultant for my day job and make tons of money, so I know some heavy hitters. These CEOs deserve every penny they get (some don’t, but these guys do). And as hard as they work, Kristy works harder.

But it’s real work. There’s a mathematical definition of work and a people definition of work. People say they work forty hours a week. Half the time, they’re on Facebook or hitting buttons on their smart phones. The mathematical definition of work strictly states how far you moved the rock, not how hard you worked at attempting to move it.

Kristy gets shit done, and her time management skills do circles around pretty much everyone else I know. That’s quite possibly the main reason she’s successful.

What is good time management?

Good time management is simply using your time wisely. If you’re working on promoting your business while taking public transportation to your day job, that’s good time management since you’re making the best possible use of your time. Networking with people you should be networking with while you’re lifting weights is yet another excellent example of good time management.

What is bad time management?

Having a good drink with the right people can be good time management if you’re blowing off some steam. That’s assuming you cleared your brain and can get back to working hard the very next morning.

Getting so drunk that you black out, then spending the first fourteen hours the next day in bed with a really bad hangover is bad time management. That’s just dumb, and people who do that consistently generally don’t go very far in life.

Look, I’ve been in over a dozen bands now. Having a beer or two with the band mates is fine. Getting so drunk that you can’t make it to practice the next day is not fine. It’s stupid, and bands need to let those members go. A weak link can literally kill a band.

This doesn’t just apply to music. It applies to life. To this day, I’ve yet to meet a single person in a first world country who says that they have no time who in reality, simply has shitty time management skills. Not one. I’m in my forties, and there hasn’t been a single exception to this. And I’m an extrovert.

Whether you like it or not, time management matters. Bad time management skills will put a serious damper on your chances of success. On the other hand, if you’re good at that one skill set alone, I’ll put money on you eventually succeeding. Seriously, that one skill set alone will do wonders for your chances to succeed.

Kristy doesn’t waste time

Kristy doesn’t waste time. She follows a routine where she wakes up, works out, has her shake, and gets right to work. Even when you’re talking to her, she’s working. She never stops working until she takes a break, and it’s downright inspiring to see how focused she can get!

I love to see winners. When I see winners, I want to emulate them. I don’t get jealous. I get inspired! Despite her only being with us for a few days, I took notes in my head about how she works. It was enough to see brilliance in action.

So, if you really think you have no time to do something, I want you to do yourself a favor. And right away, let’s make one thing clear. You’re not doing this for me. You’re doing this for you. So, don’t lie to me and try to say with a straight face that you don’t have time. You’re not just lying to me – you’re lying to yourself. And if there’s ever a sin that is unforgivable, it’s that. Don’t ever lie to yourself.

Improving your time management skills

Give some serious thought on how you can make better use of your time. How are you wasting your time? What can you be doing to make your time more efficient? What can you cut out? And, are you spinning your wheels on something that’s simply not that important?

Those are all very serious questions. Read them again if you have to. Read them a third time if you have to.

If you genuinely think you have no time, I challenge you instead to figure out how you can improve your time management skills.

Now let’s analyze those time management questions

First, find out how you are wasting your time. Then, what can you do to make your time more efficient?

What can you cut out? I’m sure you’re doing a lot of things that you don’t have to do. One thing I really like about having money is now I have the money to pay people who are better than me at certain tasks to do those tasks.

Can you pay someone else to do stuff you don’t want to do? If so, do it! Free up some time that way.

And quite possibly the most important time management skill of all – figure out what’s important and what’s not important. If it’s not that important, cut it out.

You’ll find that the majority of things you do are not that important. Stop doing them. Rule of thumb – if it’s not related to self-improvement or achieving your goal, then stop. That alone will free up significant amounts of time in your life.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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