Talent exists, but…

talent exists

I was talking to a friend the other day about weightlifting. He and I have similar bodies. I’ve always had a weak ass chest.

In the beginning, I worried about what others would think of me. I’d be in the gym and I’d max out with 25s. It looked pathetic.

It took me two years to finally bench a plate. When I did, I was elated. You can’t imagine how much of a relief I felt.

It’s funny, three years later, I warm up with a plate. A set of ten. Five years ago, I dreamed of doing one rep.

That’s why people like sports

Sports are measurable. As a species, we’re both competitive and cooperative. We love our team. We hate the other team.

So across the world at different times, we created sports. We created sports since we got sick of dying in wars. We’d be able to compete against the bad guys without getting ourselves killed.

Of course, fans get fired up. As they should. It’s a safe outlet for our instinctive war urges.

Getting back to talent

Where does talent come into all this? I was just saying that sports are measurable. The funny thing is – you’ll see people with natural talent getting beaten by people with lesser talents all the time because the latter group tried harder.

I’d love to have the natural talents. As a child, I dreamed of being an NFL quarterback. That’s all I wanted in life.

I was hands down the best person in my grade in sixth grade. At the time, I thought for sure, I’d make the NFL.

Then everyone else grew. I didn’t.

That’s when I learned that talent exists

Yes, talent exists. I had the IQ. I had the arm. But I didn’t have any height. No way in hell I’d make the NFL. Drew Brees has half a foot on me, so don’t even give me the Drew Brees comparison.

So years later, I tried to play semi-pro as a defensive back/kick returner. I was fast, but not fast enough.

I got injured before tryouts began. It was a blessing in disguise.

Several years later, I learned that with a high IQ, you can make six figures in lots and lots of ways. You don’t have to be limited to sports.

Rather than chasing a dead end dream, I became better and better at the corporate jobs. I was so good that they had to pay me more and more or else I’ll leave and make their competitor better.

Bloggers love to knock the corporate world. Sure it’s not ideal. But you can still make a lot of money working for someone else and investing properly.

You are naturally competent at something

Find out what you’re naturally good at. The funny thing is, once the accolades come in, you’ll actually enjoy your job more.

After calling it quits in football, I hit rock bottom. But then I had a kid and realized there are two people who are more important than me. Everything changed. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I bust ass.

If you have a high IQ, you have so many doors you can enter. Science, tech, engineering, medicine, etc. There are no shortage of jobs in any of those fields since the majority of people are average.

If you don’t have a high IQ but you still want to make lots of money, that’s fine. Develop a personality. Sales is where it’s at. I’ve met millionaire salesmen before on the cruises. They were fun to talk to because they get so good at talking that they become fascinating people no matter what they talk about.

Some of these guys had average IQs, yet there they were retired without any money worries.

Or, you can start a business. A lot of successful business people have average intelligence. They just have the guts and determination to make their idea work. And it does.

They didn’t quit

The majority of successful business people fail at least twice. Yes, you read that right. They started at least two businesses and fell on their faces.

However, they didn’t quit. They learned from their mistakes and kept going.

So if you want to be good at something, I strongly believe that you should find out what you have a natural talent for. Then go down that route.

I can guarantee that I am better at you in at least three things. I can also guarantee that you are better than me at at least three things.

Nobody is totally well rounded

Nobody is totally well rounded. I’m now really good at consulting, playing guitar, orchestration, weightlifting, investing, and cooking. I can still throw a football farther than 99% of the population, despite being older. The weightlifting kept my strength levels high, even at an older age.

However, I’m not good at a lot of other things. And I want to get better at art. I just started taking art seriously this year. I would love more than anything to stop consulting and start selling artwork full time.

The band’s stagnated. Most musicians starve and I’ve come to terms with that. I was losing tens of thousands of dollars every year by trying to make it as a Metal musician. Sure, I loved every second of it, but there comes a time when you have to throw the towel in. I’ll still compose Classical music, but the Metal days for me are over.

Weightlifting is a perfect example of how talent exists. For me, squats and deadlifts were super easy. I’ve always had very strong legs and a strong back.

However, at bench, I sucked. I can finally bench 120%+ of my body weight. It took me forever, but I can do it now. Deadlifting 200%? I pulled that one off in a matter of months.

So yes, find out what you’re good at and keep improving until you’re in the upper 5% of the category. At the upper 5%, you’ll make good money.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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