The Succubus shoot and beautiful desert

I never liked desert before. Just never liked it. I thought it was ugly. But while shooting Succubus, I caught myself saying “beautiful desert” under my breath. I swear, I never thought I’d say that in my life.

There is something majestic about the desert. The thing is, you don’t realize it until you actually go to it.

Good lighting

We woke up very early – 4:30AM on Saturday and left the hotel at 5:30AM. We knew we had to get up early to get the best possible lighting. Shooting video is just like shooting photos – you need good lighting.

And that’s when I uttered “beautiful desert”

Arriving there very early, I said under my breath “beautiful desert.” I never thought I’d put those two words together. But the desert was indeed gorgeous.

I’ll have to do another post with desert pictures later. Most of the pics I took were promo pics. I’ll have to dig through everything I took. Definitely give me time.

We’re off on an Alaskan cruise

Tomorrow morning, I’m taking my wife on an Alaskan cruise. We’re going for ten days. I’ll shoot a lot of pictures and post the best ones here.

I work seven days a week, 350 days a year. I take a few weeks off to recharge my batteries. Plus, you have to keep your wife happy. I took her to Hawaii for a week in late May, early June. She loved that. As much as I work though, she deserved two vacations this year.

Alaska was her choice. It would be nice to see the glaciers. I’ve seen some in Montana, but Alaska should be a whole different level.

And it will be quiet, which would be a pleasant change considering how chaotic my life has been this year.

Back to the video

Here’s the Succubus video and a promo shot from it. Enjoy!

Censored version

Uncensored version

Astral Eyes Succubus promo pic

Astral Eyes’ Succubus promo pic


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