Successful people are simply more resilient than average people

successful people are more resilient

Successful people are simply more resilient than average people. What does that mean? Exactly what I just said.

Life won’t always go as planned. Sometimes things will blow up in your face. And some years, pretty much everything that can go wrong will go wrong because that’s just how life is.

Losers will quit and blame the entire world for their failures. However, successful people keep going. They may have to modify their plans, or even scrap their plans all together and create new ones. But they keep going because they’re simply more resilient. Whatever life throws at them, they’ll adjust accordingly.

It takes decades

I screwed up my 20s. Since I screwed up my 20s, I had to bust ass in my 30s. Since I bust ass in my 30s and had a pretty good long-term plan, my 40s became very easy. I’ve had a very easy 40s so far where we’ve been able to travel the world every year and still come up cash flow positive. Not rich, but we’re doing way better than the Jones’s. Why? Because we’re more resilient than the Jones’s.

Think about life long-term. Whatever you do this decade affects the next decade, for better or worse. When things blow up in your face, and believe me, they will, are you going to cry about it? Or are you going to be resilient and adjust your life accordingly? That, my friend, is up to you.

Liars get under my skin

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you how to run a business. I’ve yet to build a successful business, so I’m the wrong person to ask how to do that. However, I’m well aware that the absolute best way to get rich is to build your own business from the ground up. Or get really lucky and find a business partner with the resilience it takes to succeed.

I became successful by developing a rare skill set that pays well. I can fix things that most people can’t fix and I have the social skills to build teams from the ground up. Combining those two skills in one person? That’s quite rare. That’s why I make the big bucks.

On top of a big salary, I take investing very seriously. I make a lot of money investing, especially in down years when everyone else panics. When everyone else panics, I come in and buy steals.

You see, I’ve slept in my car before with a loaded gun for protection. I’m not scared of failure. That’s what bothers your average Joe or Jane. Your average Joe or Jane fears failure, especially once they start developing assets. They fear losing their assets more than they’re willing to go to the next level to make more money.

That last sentence is key. Once Joe or Jane develops assets, they’re more afraid of losing them than they are willing to go the next level to make more money. That’s why Joe and Jane don’t reach the next level. They find a level of comfort and stay there forever.

Winners are more resilient than losers

One thing that may surprise you – winners actually fail more than losers.


Yes, you read that right. Winners actually fail more than losers do. That’s simply because winners attempt way more things than losers. Losers are so afraid of failing that they don’t take that chance. They’ll go to casinos and gamble away money. They’ll spend big bucks on their state lottery. But flip a house? Spend $30 on a book by a successful stock investor and actually read it cover to cover? No. They won’t do that.

Losers know everything. They’re so much smarter than everyone else. So, they’ll never improve.

Me on the other hand, I’m an idiot. I don’t know what I’m doing, so I hire people to help me out. I paid some guy to make me a custom diet. And I paid two guys to show me how to properly lift weights and to build me a plan.

Take a guess what happened? I became extremely healthy.

I even hired a life coach to teach me how to improve my life, despite statistically smoking the average person my age at everything.

On top of all that, next year, I’ll be working with both a painting teacher and a piano teacher. I’m already a pretty good musician. That’s not good enough though. I want to be concert level. No, not pop concert level. I’ve passed that level a long time ago. I’m talking Classical music concert level.


My coaches all tell me I’m coachable. Back when I studied MMA, I had one teacher tell me that I was his favorite guy to work with, because I had no ego. I just wanted to learn.

Needless to say, I improved faster than almost everyone else. Why? Because I went in claiming to know nothing, so I could absorb as much as possible in the fastest way possible.

That goes for everything. Peter Lynch is smarter than I am, so I copied a lot of his stock investing technique.

Take a guess what happened. If you guessed that I build a pretty solid stock portfolio, you get a prize.

Now, I’m telling you all this stuff about myself not to brag, but to tell you what I’ve done right. I pay people who know their fields for their advice and instead of arguing with them, I take their advice to heart. And it always pays off because they know their fields better than I do.

This goes for everything. In the past, it went for guitars, MMA, stock investing, home flipping, diet, and weightlifting. In the near future, it will apply to painting and piano. I’m going to paint paintings that will be worth six figures simply by hiring better and better teachers until I become an elite painter.

And I know what I like. My wife and I are already art collectors. We have some pretty awesome paintings in our house. So I’ll paint what I’d want to buy.

It’s all about resilience, my friends. Become resilient, and the you one decade from now will thank the you today.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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