Stella completely lacks a long-term mindset

Health also needs a long-term mindset

“Stella” is a dear friend of mine. She’s always in debt and always panicking. Now, her health is also complete shit.

She used to be gorgeous, healthy, and fun. Then, she got into a bad relationship, stopped caring, and let herself go.

Now, she’s living month to month and having to borrow money to make ends meet. How did it all go wrong? Because she completely lacks a long-term mindset.

What is a long-term mindset?

A long-term mindset is exactly that. It’s the ability to think long-term instead of just short-term.

Most folks have dreams. However, only some people make the plans it takes to make them come true.

You need to think long-term vs short-term if you want your dreams to come true. Unless you have killer connections, which most people don’t, you’re going to have to work for it.

Stella’s finances are in disarray. So is her body. For her health, she eats too many carbs and doesn’t plan out her meals. When she’s hungry, she eats. She often forgets to eat, so she overeats when she’s hungry.

Needless to say, of course her body went to hell. She used to have a smoking hot body. Now, she’s obese.

How to fix her situation

I’ve already shared my diet with her and she thinks it’s too much work. She does that a lot – make excuses why she can’t do something.

I also told her how she can make more money. However, her excuse for this one is she has too much anxiety to implement those plans too.

So if you haven’t figured out her root problem – she let’s her excuses dominate her life. She’s got an excuse for everything. Instead of listening to how to fix things, she’ll immediately come up with an excuse of why she can’t implement that plan.

We have free will

Assuming you’re not a woman in certain third world nations, we have free will. We can let our doubts dominate our lives. Or, we can tell our doubts to fuck off and actually achieve something.

Stella would never admit this, but I have just as much anxiety as she does. However, she chooses the former. I choose the latter.

I’ve decided long ago that I’m going to overcome my doubts and fears and amount to something awesome. I decided long ago that I didn’t want to be poor anymore. So I had a long-term plan to make more money, and put at least 10% of everything I make into investments.

My long-term plan involved studying both real estate and the stock market on the side while creating a career that made six figures. Did it work? Of course it worked. I have an awesome life now. I’m living it.

All that took decades

All that shit took years to work. I started in the mid-90s. It’s now 2017. It was earlier in this decade when things started really paying off.

Now like always, I’m not bragging. I’m saying that if I could have done this, you could too. I didn’t have any connections. I didn’t have a mentor. And I don’t have any special abilities that you don’t have. I’m just a normal guy with a mean work ethic. I’m willing to work harder than most people, and combined with a long-term mindset for both health and finance, both have paid off.

Stella could do the same. But she’s got to change her mindset. Will she? Most likely, no.

You can’t help someone who would prefer to sabotage their lives, then complain about how unfair life is. Stella’s more than likely a lost cause.

About the featured image

That’s what our groceries look like.

When Stella comes over for food, she’ll eat our food like a pigeon, then go to the store and splurge on processed foods. Then complain that she’s unlucky that she’s obese.


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