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Slovenia in 2018

Do you want to improve your life, but you don’t know where to start? Can I offer some suggestions what to improve about your life?

Your health should be #1

I’ve said this many, many times because nothing is more important. Your health should always be your top priority. Even above love, making money, and fun.

If you don’t have your health, that’s all you’re going to be thinking about. Plus, you’ll be a burden on your loved ones. (Thus I say health is more important than love since that’s just selfish). Often, healthy folks take their health for granted. Well, develop healthy habits and you could worry less about your health.

Eat right and find some kind of exercise you enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy doing it, you’ll quit.

I chose weightlifting because I enjoy doing it. It could be anything though.

It’s funny, along those lines, I’ve heard the worst excuses for people not wanting to lift weights. I’ve heard many women tell me that they don’t want to get too buffed. Well, a woman won’t get too buffed without steroids. Those buffed chicks? They’re on steroids.

Then they ask me why women take steroids. I simply tell them it’s their lives and I don’t ever want to speak for anyone but myself. I take that quite seriously. I’m in no place to speak for anyone else and I’d appreciate if you’d extend me that same courtesy.

Anyways, I’m just repeating some of the excuses I hear. Just find something you enjoy doing so you won’t quit.


Most people are artistically inclined. Most people though don’t realize it. They try one thing and quit before they have time to develop that skill set until what others call “talent.”

I strongly believe everyone should be good at at least one form of art. The beauty of this? It could be anything.

Writing is an art. So is painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, etc. Find something you love doing and get good at it.

I personally play a pretty mean guitar. I’m intermediate level at the piano. I play songs from bands like Journey, ABBA, and Neil Diamond. I started learning Chopin but never finished. Now I’m into sketching and watercolors.

Find something you enjoy

The trick is to find something you love doing. If you love doing it, you’ll get good at it.

I couldn’t draw worth shit six years ago. Did you see that one thing that’s been going around social media of parents who get their kids’ drawings tattooed on them? Well, my drawings looked like that.

I started reading art blogs and actually wrote down peoples’ hot tips. Some guy or lady, I forgot who, said that if you absolutely suck, practice drawing lines and circles over and over and over again until they look like lines and circles.

That was great advice! I know that sounds boring as hell but it worked. I started drawing lines and circles every single day.

Soon, my lines and circles looked like lines and circles.

After I got good at that, I started drawing everything. My drawing still looked like a little kid’s, but it started improving very fast.

Then in February, my friend Allie and I had a talk about art. She offered to model for me if I’d help her pay back her girlfriend who she owed money to. I of course took her up on it.

Well, here we are six months later and I got drawings that I’m not ashamed of. We see each other at least once a week and she poses and I draw her.


I’m the last person in the world who should be saying this, but I’ll say it anyways. If you’re looking for what to improve about yourself, consider learning a foreign language.

Now, I say I’m the last person who should be saying this because my language skills suck. I should be totally fluent in Spanish by now, especially considering I was a foreign exchange student in Mexico and have been to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Spain, and Colombia, three of which were in the past five years. I also worked with a lot of Mexicans and we’d drink beer and BBQ together, speaking Spanish the whole time, and my Spanish still sucks.

Yeah, maybe I’m language retarded. Whatever. Hats off to anyone who can learn a foreign language. I totally wish I didn’t suck at it.


This one, I have to give credit where it’s due – the Mrs. She’s got the travel bug and I’m fortunate to be married to someone who inspires me to travel too.

You should really see the world. It’s a pretty big place and there are still lots of places that are gorgeous. Sure, the world was a lot more beautiful back in the days of Romanticism when the world had less than two billion people. But we can’t go back in time.

I’m just saying there’s still plenty of beauty left in the world. Every year, we leave the country and explore somewhere we haven’t been to before.

It’s been magical so far. We’ve enjoyed every moment of it and we know that these memories will last a lifetime.

People use all kinds of excuses for not traveling. Well, if you’re broke, there’s plenty to see within a day’s drive, no matter where you live. We’re literally a day’s drive to everything from the Oregon coast, the redwoods (the tallest trees in the world), Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, and even Las Vegas.

Of course we’ve seen all those things. Heck, we even filmed a music video in Las Vegas.

These are just suggestions

I also suggest reading history, reading the “great books,” and further researching a subject you loved in school. Anthropology or Creative Writing? Why do you have to go back to school to improve your knowledge? You can improve your knowledge from the internet.

So these are just suggestions on what to improve. I’m sure now that I’ve written some ideas down, you can come up with a bunch on your own.

About the featured image

I’ve posted other angles of this castle in Slovenia on previous posts. This was from last month. It’s literally a Medieval castle half within a cave. How cool is that?


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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