Some people I look up to

I wanted to write about some people I look up to, because my previous article on getting insulted by losers or batshit crazy people was a negative article. Yes, I needed to write that because people need to know to let that shit go. But I now want to write a positive article.

Here are some people I look up to

I’m not going to write about Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Randy Rhoads, or Judas Priest. Instead, I’m going to write about some people I know personally.


“James” went through cancer. I worked with him and used to talk to him all the time about random stuff. He was one of those likeable guys, despite being pretty high up in management. Yeah, I know it sounds silly, but some folks are reluctant to talk to managers.

Anyways, one day, he gets cancer. Shaves his head and goes through chemotherapy.

I swear to you, his demeanor didn’t change one bit! I would have been freaking out, because I obsess with my health. However, no, he kept exactly the same likeable demeanor and became even funnier than before.

Luckily, James beat it, grew his hair back, and is still going strong today. Needless to say, I totally look up to that guy! I have no idea how he did it, and was so cool the whole time.

My Aunt C

I’m not a religious guy. If you’re religious, more power to you! I think religion is a wonderful thing for some folks.

My Aunt C on the other hand was very pious, very orderly, and very organized. She was an accountant, and lived that life. Her entire world was simple and organized.

She had six kids, five boys and a girl. All six of them turned out to be loving, caring people. When all your kids turn out to be good people, you’re a good person. Period. That’s not luck, my friends.

Anyways, she helped me out big time in my 20s. In my 20s, I was reckless and didn’t have my head screwed on straight. I ended up becoming homeless for awhile. Her house was one of the places I stayed for a few weeks until I got my shit together. As you know, I drifted from place to place as I didn’t want to wear out my welcome anywhere. I also spent some nights sleeping in my car.

She never judged, and never said a bad word about anyone. She loved America, loved America’s ideals, worked hard, and said grace before every meal. Aunt C was predictable, but that’s a great thing.

I still talk to her grave about once a month, telling her how things are going. I miss her deeply as she had her head screwed on straight and at the time, I took her for granted. Now as an adult, I see how much she influenced me positively. Oh, I also used to practice on her piano every chance I got too.

What about you?

I hired a life coach about a month ago. I know I’m doing a lot of things wrong in life, and I’m always trying to improve myself.

The past few years, I’ve hired weightlifting coaches and even a nutritionist to create a custom diet for us. I’ll be working with a piano teacher next year. Also sometime next year, I’ll hire a painting teacher as I want to get good with painting as well.

Anyways, the life coach has me starting every morning with gratitude. This article was my gratitude for the morning. I am grateful I had these people in my life.

There are many more people, so this may become an ongoing article. But for now, I’ll keep it at two.

Gratitude is one of the keys to happiness. Think about someone in your life that inspires you.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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