This area has a serious depression problem

If you wonder why I write about depression, it’s because this area has a serious depression problem. I’ve also written articles on dealing with anxiety. And I’ve even written something a little bit more tame but still bad, how to get out of a funk.

Why do I write all these articles? For two reasons. One, like I just said, this area has a serious depression problem. Second, Metal music tends to attract highly intelligent people and intelligence and depression often go hand in hand. Yes, there is a very strong correlation between higher intelligence and depression.

Fortunately, we know more about depression than we’ve ever known. And depression can be controlled without medication. You won’t hear that from your doctor because so many doctors are drug pushers. (Not always their faults though as a very high number of patients only go to their doctors to get their prescriptions).

I also would love to help prevent future suicides. My former neighbor’s suicide still haunts me to this day. He could have really been something.

The San Francisco Bay Area attracts idea people

The San Francisco Bay Area has always had a lot of talent. You’ll see everything from artists to startup software companies here and everything in between.

Unfortunately, as I previously mentioned, there’s a very strong correlation between higher intelligence and depression. So knowing that, let’s talk about steps you can do to prevent depression.

Don’t give yourself too much time to think

Stay busy. I’m not a Christian, but have a lot of respect for some of those old Christian sayings. In this case, “idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” Have too much time to sit around and think, and that could be your ruin.

So don’t do that. Stay busy. If you’re the type of person who needs goals to stay busy, by all means, set goals and work on them.

Get more sunlight

One real serious problem with Bay Area people is they’re blessed with the best weather patterns on the planet, yet, too many Bay Area folk stay indoors too much. I get it. You need to work 60 hour weeks to impress your boss, and you’re stuck in traffic an hour each way. When you get home, you just want to chill out.

OK, first think about what that’s doing to your health. All that sitting is going to give you a blood clot. Plus, you’re depriving yourself of sunlight. Often, you can solve a depression problem simply by getting more sunlight. It really is that simple. Lack of sun causes depression. You’ve heard of SAD (Seasonal Afflicted Disorder)? You may just have that.

Meet up with your friends

Humans are social animals. Yet with our busy lives, we often forget to spend some time with people we like. That doesn’t necessarily mean the people at work. A lot of them drive you nuts. I’m talking about your real friends, the ones you’ve grown emotionally intimate with. They know you, and you can open up to them. Spend more time with them.

See things

California is gorgeous. You may be in Idaho or New Zealand for all I know. I’m just saying that California is gorgeous. Yet Californians make all kinds of excuses not to appreciate it. They’ll blame everything from the traffic to their kids.

Don’t make excuses. See things. That includes you in Idaho and New Zealand too. I’ve driven through Idaho and we’ll be in New Zealand is on our bucket list. Both gorgeous places. No matter where you’re from, you’re probably not that far away from a gorgeous place.

Don’t make an excuse. Go there, because that alone could solve your depression problem.

And lastly, this is a lighter article. If your depression problem is more serious, read this article on depression instead.

Attacking your depression problem

Depression is beatable. You just need to attack it instead of letting it attack you.

Romantic Metal on solving a depression problem

Panoramic shot of the Marin coast. Sometimes, you need to just get some sun and appreciate nature’s beauty


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