Recovering from a psychic vampire

recovering from a psychic vampire

In my post about the uncensored Succubus video, I defined a psychic vampire. Once again, I’m not going to even touch on the metaphysical stuff. I’m not a spiritual person. That stuff is alien to me.

But a psychic vampire can do psychological damage to you. It’s one thing if they attacked something you love. But if they attack the core of your existence, you’re going to have a serious problem.

How to recover from a psychic vampire attack

Just in case you happened upon this article by accident, let me define a psychic vampire again. A psychic vampire is a person with very low self-esteem that instead of improving themselves, she sucks the self-esteem away from you. I say she because I’m describing this from a heterosexual male point of view. Let me be clear that they can be straight or gay, male or female. So, your gender or sexual orientation is not going to save you.

Anyways, she targets you. I honestly don’t know why she picks you. I’ve had it happen to me more than once and now that it’s been years, I think it’s two things – 1) I’m happy, which she needs to feed off, 2) I can be naive.

I’m glad it happened twice because I’m the kind of guy who has to touch the fire twice to realize that I should never touch that fire again. The first time apparently didn’t teach me. It was the second time that gave me the life lesson I’ll keep until my dying days.

So first, you must recognize you’re being attacked by a psychic vampire. You’ll know because you’ll keep giving and they’ll keep taking, and afterwards, you’ll feel emotionally (as well as spiritually if you’re a spiritual person) drained. You’ll feel like she’s sucking the life right out of your body like a vampire would suck out your blood. Yet, for some unexplained reason, you’ll still feel drawn to her so she can feed on you again and again until you’re a shell of the person you once were.

When it becomes dangerous

Now to be clear, most people with low self-esteem aren’t psychic vampires. But all psychic vampires have low self-esteem. They need your happiness to feed off. After they’ve fed, you’ll feel drained, weak, and miserable.

Attacking something you like is one thing. When they attack the core to your being, it becomes very dangerous. Like for instance, let’s say you’re a ballerina. He might hate a ballet you like and that will piss you off. When it really becomes dangerous is when he convinces you to give up being a ballerina and become something you’re not, like an accountant.

He just attacked the core of your being. He fed off of it. And you feel miserable because you are no longer you. You become a shell of what you were. You’ll be lost until you can break away from the psychic vampire.

This part is very important. First, you need to recognize you’re being fed on. Next, you need to break away. You need to throw them out of your life for good. No apology. It has to be brutal and it has to be clear.

It’s over, and there’s no going back. You need to know this and they need to know this as well.

How to heal from it

OK, now you got the psychic vampire out of your life, you need to recover. Some good news. Breaking up is the hardest part. (Note that it doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship. It can be an evil “friend” or a co-worker who is doing this to you).

Most importantly, you need to get your identity back. Let’s just say hypothetically you’re that ballerina, and you’re now too old to go back to your identity as a ballerina.

Well, you still need to get that identity back. Do whatever it takes. Teach ballet. Support ballet. Heck, find some investors and open up a ballet school if you have to. Just do anything you can to get your identity back. That’s how you heal. When you are you again, your self-esteem will come right back.

For spiritual folks, they claim it feels like they got their soul back. Yes, I’ve discussed psychic vampires with quite a few people, from atheists to devout religious folk. The devout Christians will more than likely refer to them as demons. I’m not religious, so I only see the psychological side rather than the metaphysical side. Believe what you will accordingly. I don’t know if you’re religious or not.

And if you’ve never had one in your life, that’s wonderful. But that doesn’t mean you never will. Take this article seriously. They’re out there. I’ve been attacked twice.

Roman has fully recovered from the last psychic vampire and can now pursue his dreams

Roman has fully recovered from the last psychic vampire and can now pursue his dreams


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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