How powerful are daily mantras?

daily mantras work

So, how powerful are daily mantras and do they even work? Of course they work! You’ll run into a lot of successful people who do them.

Words have power. That’s why I write about self-talk a lot. Self-talk matters big time. Negative self-talk destroys confidence. Positive self-talk can get you to succeed where others have failed.

Daily mantras or daily affirmations

That’s where daily mantras come in. You can also call them daily affirmations. Doesn’t matter. Same thing.

Daily mantras work since they work with repetition. You want to learn how to play a song on the piano? Practice it over and over again because practice makes permanence.

Once again, I don’t like to use the word “perfect” because perfection is inhuman. We make mistakes, and that’s OK.

Daily mantras have the same concept. You have a goal, and you keep telling yourself that you’re going to achieve that goal, first thing in the morning. You end up psyching yourself up to the point where you believe you can do it.

And when you believe you can do it, you have a considerably better chance of succeeding. Keep in mind, it won’t necessarily guarantee you success. However think of it this way. You got two people with the same goal. One of them says a daily mantra. The other one doesn’t. I’ll put my money on the person who says the daily mantra.

It’s like spell casting

I’m a sucker for the fantasy genre. Love the games, the books, and the movies, even when they’re bad.

Of course in the fantasy genre, you always have a witch or a wizard. They cast spells with words because words have power. I know we’re talking fantasy here, but words in real life really do have power. You’ve heard the term “the pen is mightier than the sword.” History has shown that over and over and over again.

So yes, if you have a daily mantra or daily affirmation, stick with it. I currently don’t, but I’ve used them in the past and I can tell you for certain that mine have worked.

Instead of doing a daily mantra now, first thing in the morning, I practice a certain piece on the piano that I’ll be recording next year. It’s not a daily mantra. However, the first thing in the morning concept, I got from my daily mantras.

About the featured image

This is up on top of the Feather Falls. I’ve had a paralyzing fear of heights in the past. Here I am something like 600 feet up, and still scared, but now at least brave enough to take the picture.

Daily mantras can even help you overcome phobias. Yes, they’re that powerful!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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