A few pointers on masculinity

This article is a follow up to both the beta male asking out the alpha female article and how to be more masculine.

We saw S absolutely fail trying to attract his crush. Don’t be S.

One very important thing I’ve learned in life is that television is full of shit. They’re always portraying wimpy ass men as attractive. In real life, these guys get friend-zoned, not laid. Don’t believe what you see on TV.

You want to be more masculine

My female friends all the time complain that there isn’t a good pool of men out there. Men don’t know how to be men. A lot of it is due to the lack of fathers. It’s partially because of the education system. It’s also because of television. Guys simply repeat what they think works.

The thing is, you need to get the brainwashing out of your head. Show confidence, not weakness. Because confidence is sexy. Of course, don’t mistake confidence for arrogance. Huge difference between the two.

I cannot stress enough that men need to be interesting. Being interesting means being good at something.

And have some balls. If a woman asks you what you want for dinner, say what you want for dinner. Don’t reply “I don’t know, what do you want?”

Alpha males make decisions, because alpha males know what they want. It’s a part of being dominant. Beta males go with the flow because they’re submissive. I cannot stress these points enough.

If you don’t know what you want out of life, you’re a beta. Alphas know what they want.

That goes for both alpha males and alpha females vs beta males and beta females. M knew what she wanted in life, and it definitely wasn’t an indecisive, weak-willed, boring ass beta male bitch. She ended up with an alpha who took charge, even though she previously took charge. Note that despite what you see on TV, women love being led by awesome men.

Pointers on masculinity – summary

In summary, take charge. Know what you want. Be interesting. Be good at something. And be decisive by making decisions. If you want pointers on masculinity, there you go. Masculine men are interesting, driven, talented, decisive, and they know what they want.

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