People who say “I hate people” have bad gauges

people who say I hate people have bad gauges

I hear it all the time. “I hate people!” “People suck!”

No, you have a broken gauge.

“You’re just lucky because you always meet the very few people who are cool.”

No, it’s a skill set that I have and that you lack.

The skinny on “I hate people” people

People who are always saying “I hate people” hang with all the wrong people. They keep people who suck way longer than they should have. And they let the good ones slip through because they’re too “people stupid” to appreciate good people.

Is it their fault? Of course it is!

It’s a skill set you develop over time. It takes some people years. Others will never develop it. But some folks figure it out quite young.

The longer it takes for people to develop this skill set, the more bitter they will be in life. Like it or not, humans are social creatures. We need other people. That’s why solitary confinement is one of the best tortures. That’s why the silent treatment is one of the toughest punishments to a kid.

“But average people suck!”

Average people are average. They lead average lives, do average things, and you can be assured I wouldn’t want to trade places with them. Do I envy them? Of course not.

Do I pity them? Not really. A lot of them are really content in their average lives. More power to them.

I don’t think of myself as better than other people. I don’t see myself as worse than other people either. When I compare myself to anyone, it’s to the person I was a year ago. Or ten years ago. I compete with myself since I’m trying to better myself.

If you want to better yourself, more power to you. If you need help and if I like you, I might even coach you.

However, if you’re fine being who you are, more power to you. I’m not concerned with what you do with your life. And I’d appreciate it if you’d offer me the the same space.

Set high standards

If you want to hang out with better people, set higher standards. Yes, it’s that simple.

Of course, be friendly with people. No need to be an asshole.

However, only let good people into your circle. Do this, and you’ll have a better life. You’ll also enjoy people more since you’re keeping it shallow with lesser quality people.

When it comes to my lady friends, I generally prefer beautiful women since beautiful women are considerably more interesting than ugly women. I enjoy the company of a beautiful woman, even if we’re strictly platonic. They simply make the room sparkle more, and are way more interesting to talk to, despite the false stereotype of emotional shallowness and lack of intellectual depth.

When it comes to guy friends, I like hanging with men who are very artistic, intellectually fascinating, or someone I work out with physically (it used to be sports, now it’s just weightlifting).

I don’t like people who like to argue. I hate arguing. Arguing is a waste of time and it accomplishes nothing.

I love people who love to travel. People who take awesome pictures fascinate me. I took most of these pictures. You don’t have to remind me that they could use some improvement. I’m well aware of that.

I still like taking pictures, even though I’m not the greatest photographer. But people who travel and take good pictures? Let’s definitely talk more.

People love to believe they’re right

You see, you attract who you want to attract. People who keep saying “I hate people” will attract people they hate. Because deep down inside, people love to believe they’re right. If you keep saying “I hate people,” you’ll gravitate towards people who suck so you could say to everyone “see, I told you so!”

So you got fucked over again. Nicely done. Take a guess whose fault that is?

Let’s make one thing clear…

Now to be clear, I neither like people nor hate people. I simply have a pretty good people filter. If I think someone is shit, I cut them out. If I think I could learn something from someone, I’m all ears.

I’m not a nice guy. I’m often seen as someone who’s aloof. But people who like me really like me. I’m fine with what other people see me as. I really don’t care.

I’d rather be loved by a few really cool people and hated by the masses than loved by the masses and shunned by people with integrity. It’s not a numbers game for me. It’s a quality game.

Funny how life works. Ever since I’ve had this attitude, I’ve been meeting better and better people. Allie’s a fascinating person. So is Roxy.

I’m still in touch with one of the models we’ve worked with back when we made music videos.

I got people that I’ve known for years that now have money and I can travel with them. I’ve had the same friends for decades. Every year though, I add one or two.

I don’t have needy friends. I’m pretty good at cutting those ones out. I simply don’t return their calls. Asshole? Whatever. I’m a busy man.

This shit is all learned

I’ve learned all this shit from years of dealing with people. People get treated as they deserve to get treated. If you tolerate shit, you’ll get shit. If you don’t tolerate shit, then people won’t treat you like shit. This is very simple, yet people still don’t get it.

Stop thinking “I hate people.” Instead think along the lines that you’re going to filter people better.

Start appreciating the good ones. Yes, there are plenty of them out there.

Start cutting out the bad ones. You know exactly who I’m talking about. Stop making excuses for them. You can’t fix adults.

Do these two things and your social life will improve big time.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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