The less you care about people who fuck up their lives…

people who fuck up their lives

The less you care about people who fuck up their lives, the better. I know this sounds cold since some of these people you grew up with. But ask Michael Vick how that worked out for him.

Some of us grew up with thugs. Some of us grew up with self-destructing losers who owe money to some really bad people. Sometimes you have to seriously ask yourself – will my friend end up in jail? Or end up killed? And, will I end up thrown in jail or killed by association?

That, my friend, is reality. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s quite true.

A lot of us have those friends, those friends that we’re simply going to have to let go, especially once we start making money and/or getting famous. Whether you like it or not, guilt by association is quite real.

People who fuck up their lives don’t change

Once again, I’m sounding harsh. But a lot of you older and more experienced folks will just nod your head and think to yourself “yup.” You know it’s true. People who fuck up their lives don’t change. They’ll continue to fuck up their lives and take down anyone who tries to help them.

I know you got the best intentions. I know these guys were your bros growing up. Do you really want to risk jail time or getting shot?

Don’t get all hero here. Seriously. Think of the bigger picture. Do you really want to risk jail time or getting shot, because you’re greatly increasing your odds by simply being with these people.

Now, you may know nobody like this. If so, you can completely skip this post. But for those of you who do, take my advice. Folks who go to jail don’t come out the same. And folks who go to the morgue in a box don’t come back.

“You’re exaggerating the consequences.”

Oh really? Once again, ask guys like Michael Vick how hanging with his homies turned out for him. Or ask Aaron Hernandez. Oh wait! You can’t because he’s dead. But then again, in that case, he was the thug you don’t want to hang with.

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That’s a black sand beach in Maui. I won’t be giving that up to spend time with some folks I grew up with.


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