You’ll know if someone over the age of 40 has made it or not

I’ve written about who to take advice from several times. That’s no accident, because this rule of thumb may make you or break you.

Everyone looks up to someone. Anyone who thinks they’re completely original is delusional. My list of who I look up to is in the 20s or 30s. It’s big, because I don’t just give advice. I take my own advice. Always.

And I also take advice from folks who are better than me in that specific area. Because, they’ve proved it could be done.

When you encounter someone over the age of 40, if their default facial expression is worry, back away from them slowly. They’ve had half a lifetime to get their shit together, but they didn’t.

When you encounter someone over the age of 40 who’s got a big ass grin on their face, and looks like they’re continually on island time – that’s the one to look up to.

Look, if you take bad health advice from someone, it could ruin your health. Or worse – kill you. Literally.

The same applies for love advice. And the same applies for monetary advice.

Don’t be taking advice from either aging desperate guy or pathetic cougar. Whatever advice they give you, do the opposite. They’ve done fucked up their lives and are in no position to tell you how to live yours.

Over the age of 40 should be easy street

OK. I’ll readily admit. I fucked up. I didn’t get fuck you money until 41. So I missed my own mark by one year.

After that, my wife demanded that we travel more. At least once a year, we leave the country. And employers know I have the upper hand. That’s very important, because they treat you really well when they know you can walk out at any time and not look back.

It’s kind of like in a sexual relationship. When one is super desperate, the other one holds all the power.

So anyways, it’s easy street now. Read my money posts and I explain step by step everything I did. It’s all theoretical, but simply apply it. The theories work.

Also, I cannot stress this enough – health is more important than money. It would be no fun being a millionaire from a hospital bed. Take care of your health.

And also take care of your relationships. Humans are social animals. Life is so much more fun with people who are full of life!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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