You’re more attractive when others find you attractive

I write about life a lot. Humans are very strange creatures. One thing that astounds me is that I noticed for both genders, you’re more attractive when others find you attractive.

What does that mean?

It means exactly what it means. If you’re single and you’ve been single for awhile, the absolute last thing you want to announce is you’ve been single for awhile. I noticed that when you just break up with someone, you’re attractive. It’s especially easy to find someone if you’re complaining how much you miss being in that relationship and you convince folks you’re the one wronged.

Why is this? Because, humans have a very group think mentality.

I’ll give an extreme example. You stumble across a real bad car accident. One person lies on the sidewalk bleeding profusely. You’ll see a group of people standing around in a circle looking at the dying dude but doing nothing.

Suddenly, one person does something, then everyone comes to their senses and starts doing something. Nobody does shit until the first person makes that initial move.

The same applies for attractiveness

I’d love to have a control group and prove this point. But I can guarantee I’m right.

I’d love to take pictures of an otherwise unattractive man. The group size will be eight people. Six of them will be in on it, and two of them will be unaware they’re in an experiment.

Now, the six of them in on it will be saying just how attractive this man is. Each woman will say something very complimentary about the man. One woman will comment on how he looks so masculine. One woman will explain how he looks deliciously confident.

Another woman will say that he looks like he’d totally ravish you in bed, and has “those eyes.” And another woman will say he’s bold looking, and she knows for sure he makes a lot of money.

The other two woman will say something along those lines, describing some aspect of male sexiness. And watch – I can guarantee you that instead of the two women who are part of experiment saying that he’s rather unattractive, they will find something very attractive about him.

Group think, my friends. You’ll see so many people afraid to rock the boat. Afraid to be different. When everyone thinks it, it must be so.

(And to be fair to the ladies, this experiment will work exactly the same if we switched the genders).

So when others find you attractive…

You’re gold. That’s what you want to hear.

Sure, there will be cases of people thinking for themselves. They’re quite rare though.

But if you’re single and looking, keep this in mind. And play off of it. This works for both genders. Remember the adage – you’re more attractive when others find you attractive.

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