On trains, phones, and social retards

on trains, phones, and social retards

I look around the morning train at the passengers. Some standing. Most seated.

Almost everyone is on their phones, clicking buttons or watching something. One guy has some kind of rather large video game console, almost the size on an iPad.

Nobody is smiling. Not one person on the whole fucking train.

Except one girl has her good moment. She’s sleeping on the shoulder of her boyfriend, who appears to be scrolling on something on his phone.

I bought a lot of stock in both Apple and Google. I continually kept buying, even when the stocks shot up. Look around you. All the young people are glued to their phones.

OK, there’s one old guy who actually made eye contact with me as I looked around the morning train. He’s not in the phone. He’s carrying one suitcase on his lap and has one suitcase on the ground beside him.

I also saw a middle aged woman take a sucker out of her purse and start sucking on it. Well, she’s now back to playing on her phone while still sucking on the sucker.

We also have an older lady with sunglasses trying to go to sleep. The song “Sunglasses at Night” just popped into my head.

Everyone else is staring at their phones

Besides those exceptions, everyone else is staring at their phones. Or clicking buttons.

Everyone has either an iPhone or an Android. I don’t see any flip phones or Blackberries. I haven’t seen a BlackBerry since our Dominican Republic trip.

The train stops. Nobody gets off but four people get on. Three men and a teenage male.

The teenage male leans forward with absolutely terrible posture. His future chiropractor will have his hands full.

Three of them already have their phones out. Alright, the fourth one had to wait to put something down before getting his phone out.

One black haired woman put her phone away and started looking out the window. I remember my old eye doctor telling me to stare at a distance for at least ten minutes a day. You’ll prolong your eyes by doing that.

Future zombies?

Not one person is smiling. Nobody frowns either. They have more neutral expressions. Horrible for an artist. I can’t imagine painting more boring subjects.

I woke up early this morning and put three layers of paint on my latest painting of Roxy. First time doing her butt. She gave me two real cute poses over the weekend and I’ll end up painting both of them.

I wonder how many of these people like their jobs. I wonder how many of these people have good lives.

Is this the way it will always be from here on out? People glued to some devices and forgetting how to make small talk?


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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