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Not everything goes right

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Not everything goes right. In life, a lot goes wrong. Sometimes, really wrong. And since sometimes things go really wrong, you’ll have to change your plans accordingly.

Now this is my third article in less than a week where I’ve used Stella as my example. She makes a big deal out of things that shouldn’t be a big deal. So when things actually are a big deal, she’s ill prepared for them.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life. I know this sounds cliché, but mistakes are learning opportunities. Well, what else are you going to do with them? Cry?

On national television, we watched Tom Brady lose two Super Bowls versus an inferior quarterback. So what did he do? Quit? No, he got even better and won two more Super Bowls. Now he’s got five.

I know everyone loves to hate Brady, but I’m actually a Tom Brady fan. I don’t even like the Patriots. However, he’s an underdog.

He was drafted in the sixth round because he was “too skinny and weak” to play in the NFL. Yes, that’s what the scouts actually said about him.

Stella gets anxiety attacks when not everything goes right

In the horror movies, what’s the worst thing you can possibly do? Panic.

That’s what an anxiety attack is. It’s a panic.

Instead, pull yourself together. Access the situation. And plan around it.

Stella freaks out and loses it. It’s not a pretty sight.

Everything went wrong with our first music video

So here’s the textbook example of everything going wrong. We had a beautiful actress to play in our first video. We also had a talented independent director.

A few weeks before the video, the director’s mother gets deathly sick and she has to pull out. So with only a few weeks to go, we could have pulled the plug.

Instead, I knew Nick does this stuff for a living. (It pays to be a social person and know lots of people, and actually know what they’re capable of). So we hired Nick instead.

Then about a week before the video, the lead actress’s thyroid goes bonkers and she has to pull out. It’s a shame because she’s not only a cutie, she never fully recovered and is now pretty fucked up and financially broke. Nice person too, but what do I always say about health? She was busy saving the world instead of taking care of herself. Another story for another day.

Once again, we could have pulled the plug. Instead, we found Alice, who ended up in a total of three videos because we liked working with her so much.

Then on the day of the shoot, it rained the entire day. We had to continually take breaks and wait for the rain to stop, and shoot only when it stopped.

Of all the videos, this was our worst one. We could have quit. Instead, we learned from the experience.

You learn as you go anyways

Life is always giving you lessons. It’s up to you to learn from them.

I often go the other extreme. In our next video, Creature of the Night, I pre-planned for everything to go wrong. Instead of one actress, we hired five. Two flaked out and two had to be replaced last minute.

Luckily, nothing bad happened to Nick and he directed this one too, and one more after it.

As for the weather, of course it rained on us. We had one more scene in a park that we cut out and we extended the limo scene instead.

Had Stella been leading the project, she would have had an anxiety attack. I’m the opposite extreme. I’m like Alfred E Neuman. “What me, worry?” Worrying is a waste of time and it accomplishes nothing.

This all applies to life

In life, not everything goes right. Somethings go really, really wrong. I once had most of my money in the company stock and the company pretty much did a tailspin into a black hole. Lost a few hundred thousand dollars like that.

But you know what really sucks? My wife’s friend’s daughter had cancer and died. I have another friend who had an awesome wife and she got cancer and died. Those things really suck. Money? Replaceable.

You see why I don’t worry about little shit? Getting cancer and dying is real. Little shit like losing a few hundred thousand dollars or everything going wrong right before a video shoot – that’s small shit.

I’ve learned long ago to put things in perspective.

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