Nice guys vs assholes

nice guys vs assholes rant - my amp I use for recording

You’ve often heard the bullshit saying that you need to be an asshole to get laid and that nice guys don’t get laid. Note that I said bullshit saying. You know why I said it? Because it is a bullshit saying.

Whenever I hear someone saying it, I take a look to who’s making the statement. It’s almost always a complete beta male pussy, whining about how life isn’t fair and blah blah.

Think about it. If you’re a woman, would you want to fuck a whiner? I know I wouldn’t.

Nice guys vs assholes

Is it true that you’re better off being an asshole if you want to get laid? Sure it is. Because at least an asshole has the guts to make a move. The nice guy just sits there and complains about how unfair life is.

But to be honest, both are bad. Assholes attract women with low self-esteem. They do not attract alpha females.

“But that one chick was fine!”

Yeah, and what other redeeming qualities did she have? Is she someone you would want to invest twenty years with? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

High quality women vs low quality women

I’m married now but I can tell you a lot of things about high quality women vs low quality women. High quality women age better and will either excel in their careers or be wonderful mothers to your children.

Low quality women age poorly and if they are career oriented, they’re not going to make shit. Plus, they need therapy. I can’t speak for you, but I want to be a lover, not a psychotherapist. I’m not in a relationship to coddle someone with low self-esteem. I dump those useless bitches really fast. I like high quality women.

Nice guys aren’t attractive to anyone except for spent women. What I meant by spent women is women who fucked pretty much everyone else, have done tons of drinking and/or drugs, then are ready to settle down. They’ve usually aged very badly, and now need a nice guy to take care of them. Do you want to be that guy? I sure hope not, for your sake.

And as I’ve already said, assholes attract either low self esteem girls who will age badly and won’t bring much quality to you. Or they’ll attract stupid bitches, which are arguably even worse.

Folks have free will and self-esteem is something that can be fixed. Of course most people are too lazy to fix themselves and will spin endlessly in circles until they’re dead. However, you can’t fix stupid. Stupid is permanent.

“Who should I be then?”

Are you seriously asking me this? OK, if you’re serious, then be yourself. But if you’re too boring to attract women, then you need to work on yourself first. The best way to get friend-zoned is to be a boring person.

So become interesting. Get good at something. And for the love of everything that is good in this world, do something constructive with your life. I don’t respect people who waste my time.

I really hate that saying that everyone deserves love. No, nobody deserves shit. If you want something, you got to earn it. I fucking hate that entitlement mentality.

Quality women like quality men. Which should be great news for you because most people are too lazy to improve themselves. You won’t have much competition.

I’ve always been fascinated by women

I’ve always been fascinated by women. It’s funny because last year, a beta male called me a “womanizer” because he was upset that all the cute girls talked to me but wouldn’t talk to him. Well, be more interesting and maybe they’ll talk to you. This guy would either make a woman look for any excuse to get away from him or put the poor lady to sleep. He had all the personality of a goldfish.

It’s funny because I’ve grown up around men. I’ve played football, boxed, wrestled, played lots of Dungeons and Dragons, setup computer networks, weight-lifted back before women got into it, and done sales for men’s products. All those things, I’ve been surrounded by men.

Nowadays, I want to hear more from the ladies. I write a lot of female characters for this very reason since I’ve had so much masculinity in my life.

Queen Mab, Circe, the virgin sacrifice (she’s a re-occurring character), Anna Darvulia & Elizabeth Bathory, Lizzie Siddal, the Siren (appears twice), etc. Unlike Joss Whedon, my female characters vary. A lot. I’m under the impression that he doesn’t know women very well.

Oh, and I’m getting back to painting. I’ve been working with the same live model for several months. She’s great. She’s a gorgeous blonde with a lovely figure. And as a person, she remembers everything I tell her. She’s one of the best listeners I’ve ever known in my life.

Which leads me to another point. Become a good listener and you’ll develop a skill set that is quite rare. Everyone loves to talk but very few people know how to listen. If you’re one of those rare good listeners, someone will appreciate you.

About the featured image

I’ve tried out a lot of amplifiers in my life and I swear by a good tube amp. I’m not one of those brand people. There are a lot of amps that I could use and get good sounds from.

I loved Orange, Mesa Boogie, and Laney the best so far. But that’s by no means an exclusive list.

Why did I post this picture in my nice guys vs assholes blog post? Because I’m going to make something clear. Musicians get laid because musicians are good at something.

Are you good at something? If not, get cracking.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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