New Years Resolutions

Are you the type of person who makes New Years Resolutions? Some folks love to make fun of people who make them. Why make resolutions for something you should be doing anyways? Or, why wait until January 1st?

The other problem folks who hate New Years Resolutions have with them – so many folks who make them don’t live up to them. So in other words, they’re useless for a lot of people.

For me personally, 2016 was an awesome year. Got so much done and gave us some good memories. But every year needs to improve over the previous year. Thus, New Years Resolutions are a good idea.

My New Years Resolutions

OK. I don’t have any per se. Instead, I plan what I want to accomplish.

Astral Eyes will release our second album. We will shoot four music videos. Also, separate from the band, my wife and I will travel with some friends to Colombia and Panama. And my wife and I will go alone to New Zealand to spend Christmas 2017 there.

So we have a lot on our plates coming up. Thus, I don’t really need to set New Years Resolutions. For me, it’s planning.

For someone else who wants to either add or subtract something from their lives, they’re a great idea! Set a goal. Stick to it. The trick though is being able to stick to it.

For instance, I gave up liquor for good earlier this year. I didn’t wait for the New Years. I’ll still drink Guinness, wine, and on special occasions, champagne.

Liquor was damaging for me. It gave up my edge, and it made me do things I regretted. So, it’s been great with it out of my life.

I’m not at all implying that you need to do that too. I’m just saying for me, it should have been done years ago.

So, are you a New Years Resolution type of guy/gal?

So, do you make them? If so, care to share? And also, do you have a history of living up to them or failing to do so?

do you make New Years Resolutions?

Dominican Republic 2014. We’ll be back in the Caribbean next year


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