Most things are not that important

most things are not that important

San Francisco is full of people with the most useless causes. They’ll spend 90% of their energies on these stupid causes and the other 10% on marijuana. Then they’ll bitch endlessly about how unfair the world is and how everyone else is past them in life. I wonder why.

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I get tempted to get suckered into a meaningless argument. Then my conscience fires back and says “get back to work Roman!”

Like this morning. Someone I follow on Twitter started talking about cuisines and apparently it offended some people. Nobody likes to hear their country’s cuisine sucks, even if it does suck.

I stayed out of it. Win. Rather than getting suckered into this one, I’m doing exactly what I should be doing. I’m taking a break from painting and writing a blog post.

Focus on what you need to focus on

There are things in life you need to do. I’m not you so I can’t tell you what those things are. However, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know what you need to get done. You know what you’ve been putting off.

Why are you doing it? Have you ever considered why?

Once again, I can’t speak for you. But I can speak for me.

Nowadays, we have so many distractions. To get anything done, you sometimes have to zone out everything else.

Life has way too many bells and whistles.

But, most things aren’t that important. You can cut out most things from your life and you won’t miss them.

What’s not that important

Arguing politics is not that important. Adults don’t change their minds. They just get irritated. I have never felt better after a political argument. Nor have I got anything accomplished after one.

Maybe politics is important to you. But is it really important to change your neighbor’s mind? How about being productive and making sure people who agree with you actually vote? Like I’ve always said, arguing is a waste of time.

Television is not important. It’s a waste of time.

Granted, I’ll still watch a few tv shows. Since we don’t own one, it becomes a social thing for us. We go over to friends’ houses and watch Game of Thrones or the Super Bowl.

It’s always a good thing to have quality company. We’re social animals after all.

But if my favorite character from Game of Thrones dies or if the team I root for loses the game, would that fuck up my life? No. It’s just not that important.

Focus on what really is important

You know what’s really important in life? Your health. Your relationships. And having real life experiences.

That’s why I included this shot I took last year in Venice. Venice was a game changer for me. I got to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After that, I really want to travel more!

If you focus on what’s really important, you’ll have a much better life.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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