Millionaire with the fat nagging wife

fat nagging wife

Life is funny. I talked about how I can’t stand misers before. I’ve also talked about how some rich people still have shitty lives.

Yes, money can buy you happiness. People who say otherwise? Sour grapes.

But, this assumes you are both sane and healthy. If I were unhealthy, I’d gladly trade my wealth for health as I’ve said it a million times – health always comes first.

Cool working class guy with the smoking hot wife

You know this guy. He’s cool as hell and has a smoking hot wife who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Would I rather be this guy or the rich guy with the fat nagging wife? You already know my answer.

Everyone loves this guy. Hell, I’ll gladly pay for him to join us for a week or two in the Caribbean. He simply makes everything around him better.

His wife will age well and they will be happy together. His only drawback is there are other women who also want to fuck him. A side effect of being the cool guy.

Rich guy with a fat nagging wife

Actually I know more than one. He’s got money. He’s better at making money than I am. But he’s miserable and his wife walks all over him.

Why is he like this? Because like I’ve said before, well-rounded people are rare. Very rare.

You got super athletes that are dumb as rocks. Or super smart people who can’t lift a brick.

You also got plenty of socially retarded people with money. And yes, it applies to both genders.

The perennial mother/lover

A dear friend of mine should be rich by now. She’s a sweet lady with good intentions. What’s that good intentions saying? Something about the road to hell?

She should own her home outright and should have a shitload of stock. Instead, she takes out loans on her home to pay for her alcoholic boyfriend. Yeah, one of those people.

Some men never mature. If you’re a woman, you need to get it through your thick head that you can’t fix men. Men who are broken will stay broken forever.

Anyways, she’s the female equivalent of this article. But she never got rich, despite having a fat salary and being one of the lucky ones who has actually had the same job forever. (For most people nowadays, job security is a unicorn).

She calls him her boyfriend. But she’s really more a mother than a lover. If you’re thinking “gross!”, you’re right. It’s also sad. She should be seeing the world and enjoying life rather than taking care of this bozo.

Why I write about these people

I write about both the good and bad. I sincerely hope you learn from both. You want to emulate the winners. And do everything you can not to replicate the losers’ mistakes.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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