Men control their emotions

men control their emotions

Men control their emotions. That doesn’t mean that men don’t have emotions. Note the difference.

Actually, men have every single emotion that women have. Heck, look at history. Historically, the majority of the best songwriters are men. So are the majority of the great artists.

So yes, we men have plenty of emotion. It’s just, we learn to control them and we don’t let our emotions control us.

Men control their emotions for evolutionary reasons

Men are stronger than women. That’s just how it is.

Sure, you’ll have your exceptions. But those are exceptions. Almost always, men are stronger than women.

Back in the caveman days, imagine a cave bear going into the cave. To the cave bears surprise, there are now a dozen humans living in there. The cave bear doesn’t like the fact that there are now these other creatures in what used to be his.

So the cave bear decides to go on a rampage and thinks he can kill all the humans and get his cave back.

Immediately, the cave bear rips Grog’s head right off. Now Grog was Biff’s best friend. They did everything together.

Unfortunately for Biff, Biff is now the only fighting age man left. Of the other males, several are small children including one baby. And one is very, very old and quite injured.

Biff can sit in the corner and cry. Or Biff can control his emotions, grab the spear, and kill the bear before the bear wipes out the 11 survivors (including himself).

Thankfully, Biff pulls himself together, grabs the spear, and then proceeds to run the spear right through the bear’s throat.

The bear tries his hardest to remove the spear from his throat, but within a few moments, he is dead.

Now, everyone can cry, including Biff.

They bury Grog

The remaining tribe members bury Grog and Biff writes a beautiful ballad about Grog, how Grog fought a dozen bears before succumbing to his wounds. Grog was a mighty warrior, who would do anything for his people, and met the most noble of all fates. He would be an inspiration for generations to come. We won’t ever forget Grog’s bravery.

Funny.  Exaggerations have been a part of human storytelling from day one.  More on that another day.  Yes, it was only one bear.  But each time Biff retells the story of his deceased bestest buddy, he adds another bear.


People today don’t get it when I say that men control their emotions because we have to. They also don’t get the opposite where I say that men have every single emotion a woman has.

I’m very empathetic to men. I’m very empathetic to women as well, but that goes without saying. You’re supposed to be empathetic to women. However, so many people today are only empathetic to women and have no empathy whatsoever for what a man goes through.

Like the feminazi for instance. She has no empathy for men. Unfortunately, she’s not the only woman I’ve met who’s like that.  Those types have almost taken over the childhood education system so boys get indoctrinated in anti-masculinity bullshit from an early age.

Why it matters

Imagine a gender neutral world.  How fucking boring!

I happen to love feminine women.  For my masculine friends, they’re all pretty masculine.

I hate seeing another man bitch.  It looks pathetic.  The Godfather felt the same way.  It got under his skin when a man bitched.

Masculine men are productive, creative, innovative, and driven.  These are the men who either are damn good at their jobs or even better, create jobs for other people.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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