It’s important to like how you look

It’s important to like how you look. Liking how you look helps boost your confidence, and we all know that confident people get farther than insecure people in life. Confidence is not the only key, but it helps.

Also developing really good skill sets helps boost confidence. But let’s get back to looks.

Realistically, you can’t change your face without plastic surgery. Unless I get in a bad car accident, I’m not getting plastic surgery. If you want to, more power to you, but I’m not going under the knife. I’ll confess something to you – I don’t like hospitals and I never go to doctors. They freak me out. Thus is probably why I’m so adamant about having great health, so I can do anything I could to avoid seeing my doctor.

So, if you can’t change your face, you can at least change your body. Take everything you ever learned about genetics and throw them out the window. Less than one percent of obese people are obese because of genetics. People are overweight 99% of the time because of bad diet and lack of exercise.

Improving your looks

All that said, we have two options and you got to do them both. You need a good diet, and you need to exercise. What diet? I cut carbs and when not in a bulking phase, I intermittent fast. I also eat tons of meat, including enjoying the fat, and juice (vegetable and fruit juicing).

What exercise? That’s your call. Most importantly, you can’t quit. So if quitting is your problem, then you need to find something you enjoy doing. Me? I love lifting weights. I started taking Jiu-Jitsu again because my instructor is also one of my two weightlifting coaches.

Romantic Metal says it's important to like how you look

Back from Colombia with a nice tan

That picture doesn’t lie. I got a nice tan from Colombia and I put on lots of muscle. I zoomed in on my face because you can tell how happy I am with my looks. There’s obvious swagger in that selfie. Damn right! I’m 46-years-old and looking that good!

The thing is, if I can do it, you can do it. I don’t have any special powers. I’ve never been under the knife and never taken performance enhancing drugs. Not knocking those who have. I’m just proving a point that you can be that old and look that good without doing that stuff.

Like how you look – Aging more slowly

No matter what your age, read my post on aging more slowly. The sooner you start doing what I write about, the better. I started doing this stuff in my early 20s because I knew one day, I’ll be a celebrity and I wanted to be beautiful.

Self-absorbed? You know what? Who cares? When I die, I’m buying huge amounts of lands and leaving them as open space for future generations to enjoy forever. How many people do you know who are doing the same? If people in the future are bitching about me being self-absorbed, I could care less because other people will be enjoying themselves in the beautiful land I set aside that never got developed.

Look great, my friends. Being beautiful will increase your confidence and confidence opens up tons of doors in life.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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