Let’s talk about stupid people

stupid people

I generally write positive articles about positive subjects. In this case, I’ll talk about something more negative – stupid people. Why? Because, we can learn what not to do from them.

Now, I’m not going to make fun of folks born with genetically low IQs. Yes, life is unfair.

However, I will make fun of people who should know better. And who immediately comes to mind? My former neighbor, the feminazi. I’ll call her Alberta.

Why is Alberta stupid?

Alberta is stupid because she thinks she’s smarter than 50% of the population. She genuinely thinks all men are stupid and need to listen to her. The thing is, she has very little good advice to offer. She’s good at absolutely nothing other than watching television. She has multiple children from multiple men. She has no net worth.

Alberta’s not in good shape. She’s not funny, nor interesting. In fact, I can generally see good traits in almost everyone. I really struggle to find good things to say about Alberta.

Now if you think I’m only going to make fun of one gender for thinking the other gender is stupid, listen to this. I’ve worked with certain people from a certain country that devalues women. I’ll be very clear here – I think these “men” who think women have nothing intelligent to say are just as stupid as Alberta. I hope I made myself clear here.

Anyways, back to Alberta.

Stupid people think they know everything

Stupid people think they know everything and that’s what makes them stupid. If you know everything, then you can never learn anything new. Because, you already know everything.

I pay people with knowledge I don’t have to extract that knowledge from their heads and put it into my head. For instance, despite me already being a former athlete, I still paid two personal trainers to get me to the next level. One of the personal trainers doubled as my dietician as well.

Instead of showing off my prior knowledge to them, I actually shut up and pretended to know nothing. I was all ears. That helped me improve so much faster.

The same goes for music. If Jason Becker came by and gave me another music lesson, I’ll shut up and listen. I’m not going to try to impress him. Instead, I’d be all ears.

The same goes for a multi-millionaire. Those who have been following me for awhile know that’s my next financial goal. Of course, if she inherited it, she has nothing to offer me. But if she started with nothing, built a company, and is now worth millions (plural), I’d be all ears.

I do not believe in taking advice from someone who has not walked the walk. I strongly believe you should follow suit. Don’t take advice from people talking out of their ass. They have nothing to offer you. And often, their advice is actually very bad advice.

For instance, if someone has been divorced multiple times and is currently in a horrible relationship, any relationship advice they give you, do the opposite. Their relationship track record screams that it sucks.

Alberta thinks she knows everything

So back to Alberta. She gives relationship advice despite for one, you didn’t ask for it. And for another, her track record is downright awful.

She tells everyone how to live their lives, despite not being good at anything.

See my friends, Alberta is a shining example of a stupid person. Stupid people not only think they know everything, they’ll never improve because in their minds, there’s nothing to improve. They already know everything. Anything you say is wrong anyways, especially if said by a man.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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