Let life be your inspiration

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A lot of good folks with strong work ethics have the same problem. They work hard, but forget to live.

I am blessed. I live outside of San Francisco, California, one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. I’m not too crazy about San Francisco’s politics. However, the area’s gorgeous. I love living here.

When I need inspiration, I simply go to the coast. Both north and south of San Francisco have beautiful coastline. You don’t even have to go that far.

Heck, look at the pictures I took. How many people live close to this?

Why you should let life be your inspiration

It’s not just forgetting to live. Live is made to be lived. Only then can you really write about life.

I write music. I’m a mean guitarist. Twice in my life, I had really good women and I sabotaged those relationships and lost them.

Those women still to this day appear in my lyrics. I still think of them when I orchestrate. This is in spite of me now having a great relationship with a wonderful woman I eventually married.

I’ve also stayed in bad relationships longer than I should have. Those women don’t appear anywhere in my art because I simply don’t give a fuck about them.

Let life be your inspiration, not just limited to love

There’s more to life than love. There, I said it.

You need other experiences. Travel’s a great start. Back in February, we were in Colombia staying on some tiny islands in the Caribbean. My wife is adamant about travel. As she should be.

She wants to live. I mean, really live. To her, living means putting a lot of footprints all over the planet. Later on this year, we’ll hit both New Zealand and Australia. Next year is Italy and Croatia. Oh, I’ll be filming part of an Astral Eyes video in Italy with a girl I know from there.

In 2019, we’ll be filming another artsy fartsy video, this time in the Caribbean. Think beautiful mermaids. I get to work with someone I haven’t worked with in awhile, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Living is my inspiration. I talked earlier about going to the past for inspiration. That’s another great trick for writer’s block.

But the best of all is to live. I don’t want someone who’s in shitty shape telling me how to get in good shape. I don’t want someone with a negative net worth telling me how to get rich. And I certainly don’t want to hear from someone with a shitty life how to live.

What makes you feel alive?

Do you want to live? I mean, really live? Then live. Get outside and see the world. Grab your camera and take some pictures. Check this one out.

Romantic Metal Marin panoramic

Panoramic shot of the Marin coast

You may take your smart phone for granted, but I don’t. I think it’s pretty fucking awesome that today’s smart phones can take pictures like these.

This is living, my friends. This didn’t cost me that much. Just gas and lunch. That’s it.

I’m sure wherever you are, there’s a place that’s pretty freaking cool not too far from you. When was the last time you went there?


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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