Language Has Power Part III – reprogramming fatalism

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Reprogramming fatalism. Is it possible? Or is the person just fucked once they’ve reached a fatalistic state?

This is Part III and the final part of my language has power series. I mainly focus on two people in real life, two people who could have amounted to something. However, these two people have self-defeating self-talk. The feminazi is jealous and bitter and the beta male is fatalistic.

Since the previous article was on the feminazi, I’ll focus on the beta male.

Ted has above average intelligence. Already, he has a leg up on the average person. Right?

Rather than thinking like that, he lets himself get defeated by everything. Life brings him down and when his friends offer suggestions to help (a lot of them are perfect solutions), Ted will immediately say why it won’t work. Half the time, he’ll downright admit he doesn’t have the motivation to do that.

Let’s get into reprogramming fatalism

So let’s get straight into the meat of the article. It comes down to self-talk. Assuming you have a triple digit IQ, you have self-talk. It’s the voice inside your head that you say to yourself.

What does it say to yourself? If you said what you said to yourself to a random stranger, would you get slapped? If so, why are you saying that to yourself?

Ted is always cutting himself down. You could tell both by his language and his body posture that he thinks he’s a loser.

Which is sad in itself. But he also has two sons that are also both betas. Where did they learn that from?

They’re both in their 20s and both incels. (I wrote how not to be an incel in a previous post if you want to know how to fix that problem). They also have decent skill sets, but lack the motivation to actually do something awesome with them. Do you wonder where they got that from?

Change “I can’t” to “I can” or “I will”

First things first, when a friend actually cares enough to offer some productive advise, after you specifically complained about a problem, don’t say “I can’t.” That’s fucking lame.

Instead, say “that sounds like a good idea,” or “I should do that.”

Ted needs to change his words, his language. He also needs to learn to do what is right for him. He’s scared of rocking the boat.

For instance, he knows he’s underpaid. When I’ve proven my value and I know I’m not making enough, I simply have a private meeting with my boss and ask for a certain amount of more money. I’m carrying an envelope too when I’m doing this. We all know what’s in the envelope.

The funny thing is, one time, they said no. So I handed them the envelope. And the very next job? Exactly what I asked for, plus a huge signing bonus.

Ted is scared to do that. He’s scared because of the language he uses in his head. He’s already admitted defeat to himself.

With self-talk, you can change your mindset. You can change the way you think of yourself. You can also make a situation easier for yourself by programming yourself to have the right attitude in any situation.

That’s what I mean by reprogramming fatalism. Ted is fatalistic. I am optimistic. Yet, he’s convinced I’m lucky and that’s why I get what I want.

No, it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with self-talk and execution. And of course, the right habits. But more on that another day. I want to focus on self-talk.

Looking forward to something rather than dreading it

Also, Ted can change the way he sees things. Keep in mind, you have free will. That means, you can even control your emotions.

Well, Ted can’t. You can, but Ted can’t. Ted has already made up in his mind that he’s scared to do anything that benefits himself. Then, he gets mad at his sons because they have the same mindset. Imagine that.

It may seem cheesy to you to make yourself look forward to something. Cynicism may as well be defeatism. Get those thoughts out of your head as well.

Public speaking, job interviews, working out, learning how to invest, changing your diet for the better, looking good, asking someone out, all those things require work. Think about it. If you look forward to those things, do you think you’d have a significantly higher chance of success than dreading them? You already know the answer to this.

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