Language Has Power Part II – Fixing Jealousy

This is Venice - an article on fixing jealousy

I decided to do a three part series on language, starting with language has power. In that prior article, I brought up two characters I’ve used in the past.

Suzie is a feminazi. She’s jealous and bitter since she was once good looking and once married to a rich man.

Ted is a beta male. He lets life push him around. Not only that, he knows it and beats himself up when it happens. He adds insult to his own life injuries.

In the next article, I’ll talk about Ted. This one, I’ll talk about Suzie.

Despite both of them being old, with today’s medicine, they may have another thirty years of life to live. Why waste it?

Fixing jealousy

So I’m just going to talk about Suzie. Suzie is a feminazi. No, not a feminist. A feminazi.

She has a bitter hatred of successful and smart men. She hates both kinds (sometimes, but not always, they overlap).

Suzie’s bitterness comes from her past. She was once very attractive and once married a rich man. While married to this guy, she traveled the world and had a wonderful lifestyle. In fact, as much as I’ve traveled recently, she’s still seen more of the world than I have.

So her source of bitterness is easy to diagnose. She once had something. And it’s gone, never to be returned.

When she speaks to successful men, she sounds downright acidic. Her words are poison. She projects her inner failings onto men and tries to get under our skin so we can feel as bad about ourselves as she feels about herself.

Suzie has no problem with a guy like Ted. It’s younger guys with more net worth that she despises.

Now to fix anything, it’s always the same. First, you have to figure out what the problem is. After you know the problem, then you can work on it.


Suzie knows she’s old and no longer physically attractive. Her chances of attracting a rich man are next to nil. She had her opportunity and she lost it.

Rather than spewing acid at successful men, she needs to start showing gratitude for what she does have.

Suzie has working parts. She has all four of her limbs and unlike me, her eyes actually work. I literally need my glasses to find my glasses. If I misplace my glasses, I’m so blind that I have to feel for them. I’m like Velma Dinkley in Scoobie Doo.

Two gyms ago, I saw men missing limbs who had flatter stomachs than I did. They couldn’t even do all the exercises I could do because they were missing limbs. Yet, they had better stomachs than I did.

My stomach is pretty good for someone my age. Theirs is better.

I’m putting this all in perspective here. She could at least have gratitude that she has all of her parts and they all work pretty well, which is better than a lot of us.

I told her that I have a friend who lost her only child to cancer. Her kids are alive. Does she have gratitude for that?

There’s always something to be grateful for, and do you know the best way to fix jealousy? Gratitude.

What does hating on successful men accomplish?

Suzie hates on successful men. Not only does she hate on them, she doesn’t keep it to herself. She actually voices it.

What does that accomplish?

For one, successful men don’t like being hated. If she wanted to actually attract one, maybe hating on them isn’t in her best interest. I know that sounds obvious to you, but it’s not to her. It’s hard to believe someone is too stupid to figure that out.

Rather than hating on successful men, maybe she can ask how they pulled it off. She loves to believe that they were lucky. Yet, she has no work ethic. Imagine that.

In her life, the only time she ever saw money was when she married into it. So she thinks that’s how women get it. Yet, she calls herself a feminist.

Think about that for a second. Could you think of something more insulting to a true feminist than that belief?

What should she do then?

Simple. Change her language. Work on fixing jealousy. Show gratitude. And rather than hating successful men, how about talking to them with sincerity?

Or why not just men? How about meeting some successful women and picking their brains?

So many solutions. Instead of being jealous, how about doing something productive instead?

By the way, I used a picture I took in Venice back in May for the featured image. Suzie’s been to Venice multiple times when she was married to that rich guy.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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