Judge people by their track records

judge people

So, you’re not supposed to judge people, right?


Rather than judging people by their words, I’ve always said to judge people by their track records.

I like words. But average people go out of their way to sell themselves. So many people have ulterior motives in their words that often, you have to completely disregard what they’re saying and focus on what they’re doing.

Now if you want to judge someone long-term, look at what he’s accomplished. Or what he hasn’t done.

For instance, should you take health advice from a fat slob? Should you take money advice from someone buried up to their eyeballs in debt? Should you take life advice from a complete loser? And my favorite – when someone’s been divorced twice and is currently in a dysfunctional relationship and still tries to shove her horrible relationship advice down your throat, should you take her advice?

We know the answer to all of these questions.

Why you should judge people

You’ve probably heard the clich√© that people are the average of their five closest friends before. So it just makes sense to associate with better people? Right?

Yeah, say this around losers and you’ll get a lecture how intolerant you are. Whatever. Once again, should you be taking advice from losers?

Now let’s flip this around. You want to learn something. You meet this guy who’s the resident expert in the field. Well, there’s the person you should be asking.

Judge people by their track records. If she’s absolutely gorgeous, she knows what she’s talking about in regards to diet and exercise. If she’s fat, let it go in one ear and out the other.

Of course smile, nod, and agree with everything she rambles on about if she’s your co-worker. No use in calling someone a fucking idiot at work, even if they are a fucking idiot.

Same with politics. You know the guy. He rambles on and on about his political beliefs and expects you to agree with his every word. But his own life is in shambles. Yeah, just maybe politicians aren’t the problem. Maybe he is.

And this goes for everything. You’re allowed to judge people. It’s ok. It’s just not politically correct to admit.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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