It’s all about opportunities, not luck

opportunities are out there

Some acquaintances of mine said that I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. But let me ask you this? Do you think they had guns to their heads with demands not to buy the internet stocks I bought? “Whatever you do, if you buy internet stocks, we’ll shoot you in the fucking head!”

No. Of course not. Me being lucky is how they justify their laziness. They could have done the same thing but they didn’t.

Other acquaintances said I was lucky for successfully flipping houses and getting out before the market tanked. Do I know the future? Of course I don’t. But do I know that when my stupid neighbor who makes less than half what I do with his and hers SUVs and a TV that costs more than my car, when he buys his second house, it’s time to sell because the market will crash.

Look at history folks. It’s the same shit over and over and over again. Do you think this never happened before?

It’s all about timing. And taking advantage of opportunities.

Some folks are smart. Most people are lazy. Not necessarily stupid, but lazy. They want big paychecks, hot chicks, and fast cars without doing the work.

Hate to break it to you – unless you were born rich, you gotta do the work. And I don’t envy those who were born rich. We live in a pretty well off neighborhood now and so many of these kids are sad. Why? I don’t judge until I’ve walked in their shoes, but I’m guessing they never had to really struggle. And struggle is fun when you win.

Is money worth it?

Yes and no. Time is more important than money and without health, neither time nor money matter.

I don’t write for people who want to get rich for the sake of being rich. I’ve already said that I don’t like those people.

I write for people like me. People like me see money as a tool. Money opens up doors and lets you do cool things. Money in itself is just a number.

Do you think I’m better than that cool 29-year-old chick in Venice? I don’t think I am. I think she’s way cooler than I am.

Anyways back on subject. Timing and opportunity are two of the keys to making money. Doing something dumb and learning from it is usually better in the long run than doing nothing.

Those people who said I was lucky were guilty of doing nothing. They snoozed. They lost. So they’re mad at me for doing something (and generally being right. I’ve also detailed my past mistakes in previous posts).

I biffed on a lot of stocks but the ones I got right shot up so much that the bad ones didn’t matter. For instance, I thought Worldcom would rebound. One day, that stock just stopped existing. But the money I made on Apple, Starbucks, and Google made up for a disappearing stock big time.

Hell, I can’t stand Starbucks coffee. I think it’s awful. That doughnut place down the road has better coffee. But show me an another American coffee place that’s in almost every major airport in Europe and Latin America. Panama City, Madrid, San Francisco, Rome, Amsterdam, Miami, they all had Starbucks in their airports.

I don’t invest with emotion. I buy what makes sense. Starbucks makes shit coffee but their numbers look great. That’s how things work.

“But there will never be another dot com”

That’s got to be the most stupid excuse on the planet. I was listening to a kid online, and when I say kid, I literally mean a kid. Anyways, this kid made a million on crypto currencies.

There are opportunities all the time! You just have to find them.

It amazes me how so many people are so pessimistic. Some asshole could ask me how to make money in stocks, and I’d give him my DOW spiel, and then he’d argue with me why that won’t work.

If you don’t want an answer, then don’t ask for one. I know it works. I’ve done it. Heck, I’m still doing it.

Opportunities are all over the place my friends. Stocks, real estate, online businesses, blogs, crypto currencies. Did I ever mention I talked to a cute girl who made six figures trading shoes? Yes, fucking shoes!

Like I mentioned in the last article, the biggest mistake I ever made financially was quitting a highly successful blog. That blog would be worth millions today.

And not just money

When I say opportunities, it’s not just money. Also for babes. Or dudes if you’re a chick. You want to meet quality babes or dudes? Go to where quality babes or dudes hang out. Hate to break it to you but the right one isn’t going to just knock on your door.

I can’t stress this enough. Opportunities are out there. You either have to find them or make them.

About the featured image

I shot that in Venice last year. We’ll be back in Europe once again this year. It will be our third time.

We’re also going to hit the Caribbean again. It will be our third time in the Caribbean as well.

Whereas we’re not hardcore travelers, we’re starting to get some passport stamps. I strongly suggest traveling in life. See the world, my friends. I’ve heard people say that travel is one thing you can spend money on and come out richer. That totally makes sense!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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