The Introvert Extrovert switch

Let’s talk about the Introvert Extrovert switch. What does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like.

Remember how I talk about alpha and beta mentalities? For instance, a beta will immediately tell you why something won’t work. Or they’d come up with an excuse of why they can’t do something.

An alpha on the other hand will either figure out how to do something or consult someone else who they think would be better at it than they would. Either way, the alpha will at least make an attempt to get it done.

It’s the same thing with an introvert extrovert switch. I know immediately if someone is an alpha or a beta when I tell them about this switch. The beta will immediately proclaim themselves one and say that they can’t do the work of the other. The alpha would say something along the lines of “interesting concept. Tell me more!”

Explaining the introvert extrovert switch

introvert extrovert switch

Myers-Briggs is complete bullshit. I can take that test five times and each time come up with a completely different result, depending on my mood. But then again, my mind is more complex than the average person.

And no, it’s not because I have superior genetics. I’m quite boringly average. It’s because I make the conscientious decision to better myself every year, which is something we all can do.

If I’m working on a violin concerto or doing some research on a particular stock, I’ll turn my phone off and tell my wife not to let anyone disturb me. In other words, I’m turning my introvert switch on. I become an introvert and will totally immerse in my work until I get it done. Until then, don’t bother me.

Now, if I’m with one of my real estate agent friends and looking for a house or condo to flip, I know I’ll be shaking hands with a bunch of strangers. So I turn on my extrovert switch.

Same thing applies when I’m playing live or recording in a studio. I turn the extrovert switch on because the second most important part of the performance is after the show ends. I’ll be shaking hands, giving hugs, and getting my picture taken with people I barely know or don’t know at all. I need to become an extrovert because I’ll be talking to multiple people, and trying hard to remember as many names as I possibly can for the evening.

Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

Now a psychologist will say “well then that makes you an ambivert.” Once again, bullshit!

It’s a switch I turn on depending on the situation.

And guess what? You have that same switch. Unless of course you’re a beta.

Now see, SJWs and betas don’t like me because I always tell the truth. Always. Even when it’s something they don’t like to hear.

SJWs and betas only want to hear what they want to hear. That’s why they get easily offended and butt-hurt when someone introduces a new idea or concept to them. That’s why they get offended and butt-hurt when someone has a different political belief or religion than they do.

I love being alone. I also love being with a crowd of people. Either way, I’m happy. And it’s not because I’m an ambivert. It’s because I know how to flip the switch.

And once again, you got that same switch. It may take a little bit of use and dusting off if you haven’t used it in awhile. But you still have it.

“But people don’t work like that”

Yes. They do.

I don’t have much patience for betas. I could be doing something, and explaining how to do it, right in front of the beta’s fucking face. And the beta will explain to me why they can’t do that as I’m showing them how to do it.

Betas are excuse factories, generating more excuses than results.

Now, this is another reason I like to talk about becoming an alpha. Alphas believe in themselves, and are all ears when it comes to new concepts, especially if the person explaining the concept has a successful track record.

We all have free will. Some folks actually use it. Some folks don’t. Between alphas and betas, we all know where each group stands on free will usage.

Now, the beauty of free will – it even includes your brain. You suck at violin? Well, you have the choice to give up or practice more. The more you practice, the better you get. And like always, let me repeat my little spiel about talent.

Talent means you could get away with practicing 5-10% less than the average person and still get the same results. That still means you have to practice.

The same applies for the introvert extrovert switch. You can teach yourself to become the one you’re less comfortable with, simply by practicing.

“Wait, did you just admit people are predisposed to…”

Of course folks are predisposed to one or the other. But like I said, if you’re an alpha, you could teach yourself to turn the other on like a switch. If you’re a beta, then sorry, you can’t learn new tricks because you suck and you’ll always be a loser and you’ll never get better at anything.

But if you’re a beta, you won’t be on this site. So it’s safe to assume you’re an alpha.

So in summary, you learn by doing. If you need to flip the switch, then flip the switch. I flip it depending on the situation. And you know what? I love being either one. And no, I’m not an ambivert. I’m Roman, an artist, writer, composer, lover, and one hell of a guitarist.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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