Inside the sad life of a beta male

Maui. Poor James with his sad life will never see this

Bless his heart. He’s not a bad guy.

But James (not his real name) struggles. Big time.

He’d always come over and he loved checking out my photography room. I’d always have new nudes of beautiful women.

He loved checking them out, but he envied me for it. “My wife would never let me do that. You’re lucky your wife lets you take nudes of beautiful women.”

Luck, of course, has nothing to do with it. My wife is an alpha. She knows that she’s irreplaceable and she’s got a sick net worth. She’s better looking than 99% of the other women her age and she knows it.

Besides, I don’t fuck insecure women. I don’t have time for insecure women. They get on my nerves.

James is a good guy. But he’s jealous and also lives vicariously through other people. Like me for instance.

He shouldn’t do that. He should fix his life instead.

But he thinks he’s too old to change.

His poor wife, bless her heart, was excited to learn that we travel the world. “Can I do that too?” Her eyes lit up as she asked that. Then she turned to James and realized that no, she’d never be able to do that. She’s married to James, who has no incentive to better himself. James just wants to get by.

James is lucky. He comes from a Third World country and had his marriage arranged. He ended up with a genuinely good woman who actually is quite attractive for her age.

Does he deserve her? Of course not. I know the thought has crossed her mind many, many times, especially when she asks questions like that.

Bad influence on his kids

James has sons. They’re betas and both virgins. One is almost 30. Otherwise good kids but fat and unmotivated.

They simply don’t know how to better themselves. Look who their main influence is.

James is bummed that his kids don’t have any incentive. James is bummed that his kids are fat.

Like I just said, look who their main influence is.

“You’d respect women more if you had sisters”

Every once in awhile, James shows his envious side. One day, he told me that I’d respect women more if I had sisters.

I respect women that should be respected. I respect my wife, my favorite cousins, my Aunts, and several of my close female friends. However, I don’t respect weak women. I just don’t. Weak women, and weak men, get on my nerves.

I put up with James because I had to. My band isn’t making that much money so every once in awhile, I’ll take a consulting gig.

Yes, I’m a millionaire, but a million isn’t enough to retire on in California. It just isn’t, unless you live in the outskirts.

But let’s get back to that statement. What did it really mean?

Let’s analyze it. In actuality, James wants to be more like me. He knows he can’t be, so he tries to rationalize it.

Think about it. How many artists who paint nudes or photographers who photograph nudes have sisters? I’m willing to bet you that it’s exactly the same percentage of the population as those who don’t.

Rationalizing his sad life

Yes, James knows he has the sad life of a beta male. What he doesn’t want to admit is that it’s his fault.

He’s spent decades not making as much money as he should. He’s spent decades not standing up for himself.

One day he complained to me that he didn’t make enough money. I know his skill sets. He’s quite good.

I told him to have another job lined up and go into the boss’s office and demand a raise or walk. And mean it. James was afraid to do that because he “can’t be that mean.” And being underpaid isn’t mean?

James never learned how to say “no.” Even worse, he never learned how to say “yes” to what he wants.

If you want to be more alpha, and yes, this applies to the ladies too, first, decide what you want. Then make it happen.

A beta will make excuses. That’s what betas are good at – excuses.

An alpha on the other hand gets results.

I’ve seen this all the time. This includes the ladies too. Alpha women, just like alpha men, get what they want. They get what they want because for one, they know what they want, and for another, they figure out how to get it.

Beta women, just like their male counterparts, either live vicariously through alphas or resent them. Or, they do both.

So predictable

Humans are so predictable. Myself too. As I transformed myself from a cartoon male to an alpha male, I noticed the way I’d view other people quickly changed. I stopped blowing up over little shit and stopped wanting to beat the shit out of other dudes over the slightest offenses.

Instead, I started to focus on my own shit. And guess what? I started to get what I wanted.

If I stayed on that cartoon path, I either would have gotten stabbed or shot or ended up in jail. That’s why I preach this shit. I want to convert cartoon males to alpha males. I want the jail population to diminish. And of course, I want to create more job creators.

That’s how life works. I’ve explained many times the differences between alpha, beta, and cartoon mindsets.

Alphas are so much better for society. Alphas create jobs and don’t go to prison. Betas bitch endlessly about stupid shit. And of course, prisons are full of cartoon males. (And cartoon females get their lovers thrown in prison. If you’re working class, you more than likely know someone who went prison over a crazy cartoon bitch).

Let’s go back to James’s sad life

James is not stupid. He’s actually quite smart in regards to IQ. But his culture is stupid and backwards and rather than supporting James’s talents, his parents yelled at him every single time he fucked up to the point where James was afraid to take risks.

That’s yet another reason why American culture is superior. In American culture, as long as you don’t end up in jail or get killed, you get a second chance. Or a third chance. Or a fourth chance.

In fact, you can look this up yourself. The average successful businessman flopped at least twice before he started the business that made him a millionaire. I’m talking average, not a small percentage.

Think about that for a second. You’re allowed to fail. You can bounce back.

With that mindset, you’re a fool for not trying.

Look at it this way. If you have a business and it goes under, are you banned in the future from starting new businesses? No! Of course not.

I’m not dead yet

Personally, I’ve flopped three times now. I’m zero for three. I made my money by working high paying jobs and investing in stocks and flipping houses. I’m very honest. I won’t tell you how to start a business because I’d be talking out of my ass. I’m a success at investing but a failure at businesses.

But you know what? I’m going to start my fourth business soon. And you know what? It will succeed.

This time around, I’m hiring mentors. They’re getting paid for their advice. I found some people who have done it before and I’m doing it right.

They’re charging a decent chunk of change but I’m going to do it right this time.

James though, it’s the end for him. At best, he’ll pay off his house and live off of social security. His poor wife will never travel the world. They go to Vegas every year and every year, James bitches about how much money he lost in the slots, roulette, or craps. She has a great time though because it’s her chance to get out of the house.

She wants to go farther than Vegas. James’s poor wife dreams of seeing the world. But she’s married to James. It will never happen.

As for his kids…

I’m hoping his sons either find this website or another website that teaches them how to be alpha males. I’ll be honest with you. All these sites are the same. We all say the same shit. We all say the same shit because it works.

The only difference? Do you prefer my writing style or theirs? Seriously, that’s it. The content is exactly the same.

Alpha is a learned trait. We all have free will. It’s simply two steps:
1. Figure out what you want,
2. Make it happen

Yes, it’s that simple. A beta will read that and get butt-hurt, then make excuse after excuse how the world is not fair and someone is out to get him and then attack me as being either lucky, mean, or whatever other bullshit he can think of. It’s his defense mechanism. It’s how he justified his sad life.

He does that because it’s easier to blame the world than it is to take blame. Yup. You guessed it. Betas love to blame everyone else but themselves. It’s everyone else’s fault that they’re losers.

Don’t be James, my friends, especially if you have kids.

About the featured image

That’s Maui from our 2016 trip. I regret not taking a better camera with us. That island is gorgeous!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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