I’m not nice and have no intention of ever becoming nice

I'm not nice

Every single person who has ever said that I need to be nicer has been a loser. Every single one. Without exception.

And you know what? I don’t take advice from losers.

I’m not nice. I have no desire to become nice.

I’m courteous. I’m professional. But I’m not nice.

I don’t like the word nice because of who uses it. I’m polite since we live in a society where we should be polite to each other. Don’t mistake my politeness for a weakness though. I cut people out who deserve to be cut out. I also don’t forgive.

Good people don’t fuck people over. I can recognize good people and bad people by their behaviors. If I sense someone is bad, I limit my dealings with them. Preferably to zero.

A nice person tries to get along with everybody, even those who fuck him over. Then he wonders why nobody respects him. You know what? He doesn’t deserve respect because he doesn’t respect himself.

Exhibit A of why I’m not nice

James the beta male is nice. He’s also quite bitter. He’s bitter since people walk all over him and he doesn’t get what he wants.

James lies to himself all the time. He also thinks he doesn’t deserve to get a bigger piece of the pie.

I talked about him working for much less than he deserves because he “doesn’t want to rock the boat.” His words, not mine.

James is also up to his ears in debt. He’s still scared of displeasing his parents.

If my parents tried to run my life after I’ve moved out, they know it will go in one ear and out the other. They also know I’ll tell them so. However, they know better. They knew as soon as I moved out, they’d lose all control over me.

I moved out in my late teens. And never looked back.

My son moved out in his late teens to serve in the military. He served his country and is now on his own, completely.

I’m a good parent. I’m a hard ass. I don’t settle for mediocrity and I expected my son to follow my example.

He’ll never have a fat girlfriend, nor a girlfriend who can’t manage her money. I’m proud of him for that.

If you think I’m cruel for saying that, that’s because you’re weak. And you deserve what you get.

Asshole, or having standards?

Weak people don’t know the difference between someone with high standards and an asshole. They think that in order to get what you want, you have to be an asshole.

That’s a bunch of bullshit and one of those tired rationalizations for why someone is a loser.

You can become a millionaire without being an asshole. I know since I’ve done it.

And if you think I’m an asshole, check out my track record. Same wife forever. Same friends forever.

Before you become friends with someone, check out their track record. If the person has no friends for long periods of time, there’s a reason for that. He cannot be trusted.

Now, listen carefully. There’s a huge difference between assholes and someone who controls his own life. An asshole has no long term friends because he’s fucked over everyone. Note that.

If you truly cared for someone

You may read this article and think that I’m mean to fat people. Um, no. They’re mean to themselves.

Look, we all know that obesity causes Diabetes Type II, drastically increases your rate of heart ailments, shortens your life expectancy, and increases your chance of getting cancer. You can be healthy and still get cancer. Cancer has a lot of luck involved. But, why increase your chance of getting it?

I have fat friends and I encourage them to lose weight. But you can lead a horse to water…

Now going back to nice, I’ve seen this script one too many times. Woman starts off normal, but too nice. People use her. She finds the comfort in eating, gets fat, and turns into the crazy cat lady. Dies bitter and alone.

Or, we have the case of James. Yes, James is a fat guy. I’m guessing if you read that article, you probably pictured him as a nice fat guy. Guess what? You’d be right.

He’s a nice fat guy. Lets people push him around. Buried in regrets.

Takes it out on his sons, both of whom are also fat, and nice. Both of whom don’t do very well with the ladies, with finances, and with life in general. Look at who they had to look up to.

We all have free will

Despite what some people say, we have free will. You make your choices.

Yes, some things go out of your control. You can be jogging down the street and some asshole on the cell phone swerves and kills you. You can get cancer.

But, you control the things you can control. And, it’s a lot more than you think.

You control your own health. You also control who you want as friends and who to cut out of your life. A nice person doesn’t cut someone out until it’s way beyond too late. Yet another reason I’m not nice.

Venician architecture

The best way to explore Venice is on foot, not by boat

But let’s go back to standards. A nice person tries to be friends with everybody. Yet, we all know that some people are complete shit. Why even try to be friends with them?

Have some standards, my friends.

The same goes for relationships. You’ll see nice people of both genders get used and even abused. Yet, they’ll stay with that person since as “nice people,” they don’t want to cause any trouble.

Screw that! If a woman cheated on me, she’s not only out, I’ll let the world know not to trust her. (Yes, I think women should do the same to men who cheat on them so don’t even try to read anything sexist into that statement).

Same with a “friend” who fucked me over. Friends don’t fuck over friends. So I dump that false friend immediately.

The funny thing…

When you think like I do, you’ll realize people treat you better. When you have standards, you’ll notice that people will realize you have standards. And guess what? They’ll actually try to live up to them.

You’ll see people act better around you. The same person who will try to impress you will often abuse someone like James. Because James lets them.

Now think about it. What if everyone had standards? Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Of course it would! By far.

It’s said that in a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. The thing is, it’s not just a democracy. It’s any government. People get the government they deserve.

Think about the big picture now. What if people had standards for everything? What if people forced their leaders to keep their words? Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Fuck nice. Instead, have standards.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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