I wanted to be buried in a tomb with traps and gold

tomb with traps and gold

As with a lot of kids, I was heavily into Ancient Egypt. Except, I took things a bit farther than most people did. I saw the King Tut Exhibit and thought it would be awesome if I were buried in a tomb with traps and gold.

I thought it would be very cool to have an underground tomb full of traps. I mean, really lethal traps. Like poisoned arrows that shoot out, or blades that come down and chop someone’s head off. Or explosions that cave in and crush the would be tomb robber. Etc. I actually thought of all this stuff as a kid. I thought it would be cool.

Then why would anyone want to rob my tomb? Well, if you got past my traps and found my dead body, there will be gold everywhere.

Of course, it was because I got a little bit too much into Ancient Egypt. Kind of like Don Quixote and his romantic books.

Then of course, I grew up and knew I’d have to do something completely different with my riches. But I was talking to a friend earlier today and we started talking about death, and what to do with our dead bodies and I had to share that story about when I was a kid. So since I shared it with him, I’m now sharing it with you.

What does it mean? Absolutely nothing.


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