How to fuck up your life Part III – wrong career choice

Earlier, I talked about fucking up your life by either picking a bad mate or having kids at the wrong time. Fear not, my friends. There are other ways to fuck up your life.

Today, I’ll talk about fucking up your life with the wrong career choice. Now, I’m going to say something that differs from the mindless masses. If you increase your aptitude to the point of excellence in your field, you will greatly improve how much you enjoy your job. In other words, if you hate your job, but then become really good at it, at the very least, your job will be tolerable.

Why do I say that? Because it’s true. People like being good at things.

Wrong career choice

However, if you know you were born to do something else, you’re in the wrong field and you’ll never be truly happy. If that’s the case, have an exit strategy. Work on what you’re passionate about on the side until it’s profitable.

I’m currently in the wrong field. I loved the field when I joined it. It was different back then. Long story short, the field drastically changed for the worse. It’s now a drag.

Several weird coincidences happened, all around the same time. I ran into the mother of my old bass player from the Thrash Metal days. I ended up reconnecting with my old bass player. Nothing became of it, but it set the ball in motion.

Then I met a drummer still in high school that was pretty freaking good. I started jamming with him and he later on became the original drummer of Astral Eyes.

I also started working with a young singer, who opened my mind to a lot of the current music. Because of that, I wasn’t so stuck in the past. When I left her band, I formed Astral Eyes.

Those three things happened all around the same time. It was like Fate was telling me I had to get back into music.

You have to decide

If you’re in a bad marriage, you will be miserable. Also, if you made the wrong career choice and you hate your career, you will be miserable. I won’t talk about marriage in this post, but I’ll talk about careers.

You have free will, my friend. Don’t chose your career based on what your parents or what society says you should do. Follow your heart.

You’ll hear a lot of people tell me I’m an idiot for saying that. Screw them. There’s only one truth in life – you’re going to die. You can prolong the inevitable. However, you cannot escape it.

You don’t want to be on your deathbed wondering what if. You should have pulled the trigger.

So sleep on this thought. If you don’t like your job, strongly consider increasing your aptitude at it. If you become top notch, it will greatly increase how much you like it.

However, if you’re at the point where you know you made a bad career decision and you know what you really want to do with your life, you need to make the change. You need to make an exit strategy where you setup what you really want to do on the side and work at it until you can make it your work.

Good luck, my friends. Let’s talk more. Are you happy at work or are you miserable? If the former, excellent! If the latter, why? Is it because you know you made a bad career decision or is it because you work with a bunch of douchebags? If it’s the douchebags, you may not necessarily have to change your career. You may just have to change your job site.

Although I made the wrong career choice, it has made me a lot of money

Although I made the wrong career choice, it has made me a lot of money

At the very least, if you made the wrong career choice, become really good at it. My career plus investing has made me a lot of money so we travel often. That’s something to take into consideration. If you transition into a career where it’s almost impossible to make ends meet, you still have to make a living.

Weigh all your options before you commit. But once you commit, go full steam into the path you took!


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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