How much of life is luck?

how much of life is luck

How much of life is luck? The answer? A lot.

Now that said, losers will use that as an excuse to either justify their own mediocrity or point the finger at you when you start pulling ahead. “You just got lucky. You didn’t earn it.”

Let me tell you a sad story. My wife’s buddy had a wonderful daughter. She did everything right. She ate right, didn’t do drugs, tried to be a good person. Yet, she still got cancer and died.

Or another story. My neighbor had an attractive babysitter. One day on the way home, she waited for the light to turn green and drove forward.

Well, some asshole ran the ref light and killed her almost instantly.

Luck exists

Only a fool will say luck doesn’t exist. Of course it exists. But, it’s still not an excuse.

I grew up believing I had garbage genetics. I had a high IQ but that was all I thought I had.

I’m almost legally blind without my glasses. I tried boxing and whereas I could hit like a ton of bricks, my defense was shit against good fighters. I would have never amounted to anything as a boxer.

On the flip side, I learned how to control my weight. Boxers can literally add or drop 5 pounds in a day. Weight is something you learn how to control.

For obvious health reasons, I strongly think everyone should try boxing. Even women.

Odds and work ethic

If you do something over and over again, you’ll get pretty good at it. I’ve never been in a street fight and I hope I never do. But with my glasses on, I can see. I’d pulverize the average person in seconds, even being old.

I’m in phenomenal shape. I’m super strong. I can even still run fast.

Bad genetics? Heck, that turned out to be a good thing! I had to train twice as hard as someone with good genetics so that insane work ethic is now built in. I don’t get tired working hard. In fact, I’ve learned to love it.

Now I can still get hit by a car today or get cancer tomorrow. I strongly hope I don’t as I love being alive. I’m just aware that luck exists.

Minimize your chances of bad luck

If you look both ways before you cross the street, you’re more than likely going to be safe. However if you’re texting your boo and you expect drivers to look out for you, good luck not getting eventually hit.

The same goes for cancer. You can minimize your chances to get it by eating right and exercising. Heck, I saw recent studies that show that coffee may even help reduce some forms of cancer.

There are no guarantees in life though. All you can really do is put the odds in your favor.

More than cancer or getting hit by cars

These are just real life examples. The babysitter did nothing wrong. She did look. She didn’t expect the guy to drive like a maniac. I’m guessing she didn’t even see him.

But going back to how much of life is luck, it’s playing the odds. And this goes for everything from meeting that special someone to making money.

Put the odds in your favor. Don’t play the excuse or the blame game. Keep your head up high and keep trying.

JK Rowling said that you make your own luck.  What she means is you need to put yourself in the position to succeed.

First imagine writing your novel.  Then, you have to sell it to someone.  Dr. Seuss’s first book was rejected 27 times! Imagine if after the 26th rejection, he just said to himself “fuck this!” and quit.

That’s what I’m getting at my friends.  You’re going to get rejected.  You’re going to have bad situations.  Nobody remembers the ones who quit.


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