How I learned to breathe correctly

how to breathe correctly

Like anything, there’s more than one way to do it. I’ve heard people learned how to breathe correctly by doing everything from meditation to wrestling. Which is great.

My way works. I know this because I studied history. I read about how the Apaches learned how to breathe correctly. And, I followed their techniques.

The Apache way

No, I’m not Native American. I’m not going to lie like certain virtue signallers. I’m just a guy who reads a lot of books.

I came across an old book written by white soldiers who fought in the Apache Wars. Contrary to popular opinion, these soldiers had a lot of respect for their foes. They recognized their foes were pretty fucking bad ass and wondered how they were able to do the things they did.

It started young. They had some pretty brutal games.

But I’m going to only go over breathing. I won’t get into the other stuff I learned.

Racing with water

Imagine organizing into two teams. Each had a bowl with water. Each team races to the end point, then to the returning point with water in their mouths, spits it back into the bowl, then the next guy on your team does the same.

Sounds gross? Well, that’s not what I got from it. Rather, I got the running with water in my mouth.

I took a hill. I’d put water in my mouth. Then I’d sprint up the hill as fast as I could.

Note – I had water in my mouth so I couldn’t breathe through my mouth. I had to breathe through my nose.

And unless you’re a professional athlete, I ran faster than you do.

Try this

You may not be able to sprint up an entire hill the first time. It may take months. But, once you do, your breathing will be elite. You’ll breathe better than everyone you know.

This translates to everything. I became a damn good wrestler after doing this. I’m also calm in high stress corporate situations. That’s yet another reason my consulting fees are big. And, it’s even easy for me to lose weight and/or stay in shape.

Try it. You’ll breathe correctly and your life will be so much easier.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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