How to handle blah days

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So, you have a lot in your life you want to accomplish. However, some days, you just don’t feel like doing anything. I get it. We’re human. You still have to get something done.

Those days, set lighter goals. You simply don’t want to waste any days because wasted days add up.

I have days when I’m not “feeling it” at the gym. On those days, I lift light. However, I do a lot of reps. That’s also good for you too because it works on your endurance.

On the days when I’m simply not creative, I practice guitar and/or piano extra instead of working on composition or orchestration. Or, I even practice extra on harmony vocals.

I’m still doing something on blah days

You’ll notice, I’m still accomplishing something on blah days. I really hate wasting days because at the end of the day, I’ll get really mad at myself and I don’t want that feeling. If I know I have one of those blah days coming, I’ll adjust accordingly. I’ll still make it a successful day.

Look. There’s only one truth in life. You and I are going to die. We have no idea how many days we’ll get. Wasted days add up and if you allow yourself to waste one day, you just might make a habit of it.

Don’t allow yourself bad habits, especially with your time. The two most important things you have are not your house and your car. They’re not your relationships. The two most important things you have are your health and your time.

If you have bad health, you become a burden on your loved ones. So take your health seriously.

Also, take your time seriously. You never know how much you have. If you’re a religious person, only your Creator knows how long you have. If you’re a non-believer, then it’s Fate. Regardless, you don’t know how much time you have. Don’t waste it.

Don’t allow yourself to not accomplish anything on blah days. Still, do something, even if it’s minor. Set smaller goals on those days, but do something.

Romantic Metal practices even on blah days

On blah days, I’ll still be practicing


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