“Got to be good looking ‘cuz you’re so hard to see”

As you know, I’m winding down my previous career and transitioning into full-time artist. Whether or not we make it as a band, I’ll be retired in three years.

I’m no longer working “difficult” jobs. No more small companies, startups, or the equivalent. I’m pretty much coasting.

So I’m currently in an office job, which is something I’ve rarely had. I’ve been a blue collar worker, a real estate and stock investor, and worked at a few startups. Between the investing and the startup work, I’ve made a lot of money. And I’m more than willing to share tips like finding an under-priced home and moving every two to three years to collect some extra cash.

So here I am in an office…

…and I’m thinking, I’d rather shoot myself than be your average office worker. Seriously, they have to do this stuff for forty years?

I see the average office worker aging fast, stop caring about their bodies, and doing everything they can just to get through the day. I meet their spouses, and both of them get less and less attractive each year. I’m sure their sex lives get exponentially worse every year too.

Their lives are on cruise control because all they care about is their retirement. The thing is, with their health, they’re going to be so sick when they retire that they won’t even be able to appreciate their retirement.

What a life! So glad I didn’t go that route.

I get a lot of hate

Yes, it’s gotten out that I’m already a millionaire and will retire in three years, regardless of how the band goes. The thing is, I already know the band will succeed. I know this because I write the music. I know what I can and can’t do.

I’ve already explained in previous posts that I’m an empath. I can read what other people are feeling. It’s one of those skill sets that takes years. It starts out with empathetic listening and you expand it from there where you can read facial expressions and body language to the point where you can tell what someone’s really feeling, even when they try to hide it. Actually, especially when they try to hide it. People are always giving away “tells.”

So, I could tell when someone’s envious of me. I get a lot of it. The thing is, they didn’t do the work. They didn’t take the chances. And they almost always started off from a better position than I did, yet I’m still smoking them in every possible way – physically, monetarily, sexually, mentally.

I’m sharing this with you to let you know that when you start getting successful, you’ll have your haters. I can guarantee you that. Most of course will say things behind your back because most betas are cowards. This applies for both beta men and beta women.

Others will shit test you, or attempt to shame you down to their level. I haven’t discussed shame on this blog yet. That’s something else I’ll need to discuss in the future.

The Beatles quote

So you read the title and are probably wondering when I’m going to get to that Beatles quote from Come Together. Here it is.

One of my buds is a beta and despite him being a little jealous, he genuinely loves me and enjoys my company. I enjoy his too, and when he has his jealous hissy fits, I remind him about free will. He could have gone my route but didn’t.

Sadly, he has an adult son that he has a poor relationship with. I’d love to see his son succeed and try to give his son pointers as his son needs a successful male role model to follow.

Last week, he asked me why I work out so hard and I told him that I have to be good looking because I’m so hard to see. His son gets it, but he doesn’t. I’m gearing for success. He’s living for his retirement.

It’s actually quite sad that he’s living for his retirement because with his current health, it’s a safe assumption that he won’t have that many healthy years of retirement. I bug him about it, and he admits that he’s too lazy to change. That said, why live for retirement? Why not spend what you have now and see the world? He’s already under the impression that I’m right, and he won’t have a healthy retirement.

This, my friends, is why I don’t encourage young people to be office workers. They’re generally miserable people. At best, they’ll enjoy good drinks and good company on the weekends. They’ll dread going to work on Mondays and live for Friday nights and the weekends. That’s five out of seven days they waste. Do you really want to waste 5/7ths of your life?

The exceptions

Granted, there are a few exceptions. Three of the guys are doing CrossFit and all three of them have considerably more interesting lives than the rest of the office. Two of those guys travel often, not as often as I do, but very often for office workers. The third guy may or may not go back to school so he’s in limbo.

No coincidence that their wives are more attractive than the other guys’ wives. I wish I could say something positive about the women I work with, but I’d be lying. None of them are attractive, and none of them live life.

A few of them are getting into the gym and trying to get in shape, but they’re older and their better days are way behind them. I mean, way behind them. I’d have to go completely blind and lose feeling on my hands in order to want to fuck them. I’m not being mean, just being honest.

Life is short, my friends. Follow your dreams. And yes, I’m pretty sure your dreams weren’t to work in an office with a bunch of random people who live for retirement and don’t know how to live today.

If you are stuck working in an office, then at least stay fit, keep your brain busy, and travel. It’s a big world out there.

Still, after a few years working in an office, I’m realizing it’s a pretty miserable life. Aim higher.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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