A good rule of thumb for taking advice…

Everyone loves to give advice. I’ll readily admit I love giving advice (but only on things I’m genuinely good at). I’m sure there’s a topic you’re proud of and you’d love to give advice on it. But what about taking advice? Who should you take advice from?

Very easily – someone who kicks ass. For instance, don’t take health advice from someone who’s obese. Don’t take relationship advice from someone who’s divorced. Definitely don’t take financial advice from someone who’s not a millionaire. And don’t take life advice from a loser.

Simple, right?

Taking advice from winners only

I really wish I had a mentor sooner. I was a dot commer with money coming out of my ears. Unfortunately for me, I had no mentors. I had no one to give me advice.

I didn’t know what to do with it. So I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily, I didn’t lose all of it and bought some properties with it.

We’re not rich. Rich is at least $30 million according to Felix Dennis. So, if you want to get rich, don’t listen to me. Yet…

I’ll be rich in my lifetime. I can guarantee you that. But until then, I could only tell you how to get “fuck you money.” “Fuck you money” means if my employer was being a dick, I could say “fuck you,” walk out, and take my wife to Italy, Greece, and Spain for several months, then come back and look for a job without missing a beat. (Rich to me means never having to work again while maintaining the same standard of living. We’re not there yet).

I studied MMA years ago. Muay Thai, Kali/Escrima, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Sambo. But I wasn’t top 1% by any means. No way in hell I could have gone pro. I was good, but so were thousands of other people. Big deal. Get me in the ring against a contender and I’ll end up in a world of hurt. So, I won’t be sharing any MMA advice with you because in the world of MMA, I’m a nobody.

However, on guitar, out of 100 guitarists, I’d kick at least 95 of their asses. I’m a pretty bad ass guitarist. I’m also a damn good composer and orchestrator. So I’ll be more than happy to give advice with any of those skill sets.

I love football. I tried to play semi-pro in my early 20s and got injured before tryouts. So once again, if I gave you football advice, I’d be talking out of my ass.

Who do you listen to?

So once again, let me reiterate. If they’re not the top percentile, then don’t take advice from them. They’re talking out of their ass. I have no idea why obese people love to argue diet with me. I’m strong as hell and never get tired. They’re obese. If they had any brains, they’d be shutting their mouths and opening their ears.

Now, how to be a fat slob, definitely listen to them instead of me. But they’ll instead start arguing against my methods of staying in shape and then they’ll finish with saying I’m just lucky with genetics. Never mind the fact they’ve never worked half as hard in their life as I do on an average day in the gym.

So only be taking advice from the best. Don’t be afraid to call someone on their bullshit. I wish more people will. I’m hated by losers because when they talk out of their anuses, I call them on it. I don’t mind being hated by losers. I prefer a world where people are honest. Fuck feelings. Feelings are for wimps. Give me reality.

Romantic Metal on taking advice

Vacation shot in the Dominican Republic. Anti-pirate fort from the 1500s


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