Getting insulted by losers or batshit crazy people

Roman rants about getting insulted

“Don’t touch that fire dude. You’ll burn your hand.”

“But I want to touch it to see if it’s hot.”

“No seriously dude. Don’t touch it. You’ll get burned.”

“Well, I just want to check.”

(The guy touches the fire).

“Ow! Motherfucker! Why didn’t you tell me it’s hot? This is your fault!”

That was only a slight exaggeration

When you’re getting insulted, check the source. If it’s a loser or a batshit crazy person, let it go in one ear and out the other because it’s completely meaningless. I can guarantee you that the insult is either jealousy or straight up projection*.

And that fire example is a slight exaggeration of the mentality of a loser. The good guy tries to prevent his friend from doing something stupid. And when the loser still does the stupid thing, the loser blames the good guy instead of himself.

The same goes with a loser and his insults. He’s not a loser. Everyone else is holding him back because he’s actually brilliant and the rest of the world is too stupid to recognize that! So his failings are your fault, not his.

That’s how his mind works. Keep in mind, any insults coming out of his mouth have that original thought process.

And that’s why getting insulted by a loser is meaningless

Most people know to write off an insult by someone who is batshit crazy. If you’re walking down the street and some crazy homeless guy who just pissed all over himself says something nasty to you, you keep walking and don’t take it to heart. Then why would you take to heart something a loser says to you? Same concept.

I write about winners to learn something from them. I also write about losers to tell you what not to do.

For instance, I wrote about Ted so you know the life of a beta male and why you don’t want to be one. Notice that he’s putting his son through hell too. So that specific type of beta male negatively affects other people as well.

Has he ever insulted me? Of course! He says that I’m a womanizer because he’s jealous the women we know in common find me attractive and they immediately friend-zone him. So when someone insults me, I immediately go to the source and can usually figure out the nature of it within seconds.

Now the feminazi hated me because I’m the type of guy she could never attract. When she was younger and considerably more attractive, she had a rich boyfriend who took her to exotic locations around the world. So she knows what the good life is. She’ll never see that good life again.

Take a guess what I do with my wife? I take her to exotic locations around the world. And the feminazi talks to my wife. See, that’s bitterness/resentment in action.

So either let it go in one ear…

…and out the other, or for fun, figure out why. I actually enjoy the latter because I’m weird. I actually enjoy psychoanalyzing people. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ll know I was originally a psychology major in college. I switched out of it simply because the other psychology majors literally didn’t know how to have fun. (If you’re a straight male and want to be surrounded by fun girls, get into nursing. Their college parties are incredible!)

Aging desperate guy resented me because by his claim, he used to be really good with women. He claims he fucked over 100 women. Which, I really could care less if it’s true or not. But today, he resents me because once again, the women we know in common find me attractive and find him needy. So he’s said a few insulting things in my direction and inside, I’m laughing my ass off because I know the source.

Look, I’m not saying this to brag or to think I’m better than anyone else. I’ll tell you straight up that when you start doing well in life, people who aren’t doing well will start to resent you.

When you start making decent money, people will be jealous of your success. When you start becoming more attractive, and this especially applies to women, a lot of less attractive people will resent you. This is just how insecure people are.

How to fix this problem

I write a whole blog on how to fix this problem. I’m personally trying to get people to instead of competing against other people, make yourself better. Fix your health first. Then start fixing your finances, your love life, and get more motivated friends.

If everyone was more into their own self-improvement rather than tearing down other people, we’d live in a better world! I know this. You know this. We all know this.

Yet, how many people practice it?

About the featured image

I’m proud to say that 99% of the photography on this site was taken by me. If it was someone else, I’ll give the proper credit.

This is a model and dear friend of mine who is helping me draw. And of course, as my drawing skills improve, so will my painting skills. I’ll post my paintings once I actually paint something I’m proud of.

* Projection – a term in Psychology where someone projects his own undesirable traits onto someone else. For instance, Bob internally sees himself as a stupid, but refuses to come to terms with it. So instead, Bob accuses Jim of being stupid, despite Jim in reality being quite accomplished.

Why does Bob do that? Projection. It’s easier for Bob to project his insecurities onto Jim than come to terms with them.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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