Follow up to “nice guys finish last”

If you haven’t read my nice guys finish last article, read that one first. This one’s a follow up.

We’re using the male definition of nice guys, not the female definition. Nice guys don’t take chances. They think it’s like television where you’re passive, wimpy, and cute and somehow a hot chick will discover you.

No Mister. That’s not how reality works. In the real world, you have to take risks. It’s a numbers game. Meet tons of women, strike out with a lot of them. Don’t take it personal. Move on.

For instance, I’ll hear a guy bitch about women only liking assholes. Then I’ll ask him how many women has he asked out this week. He’ll either reply one or zero.

Well, there’s the problem. He’s a pussy who gets butt hurt too easily. It’s not women’s faults that he’s an over sensitive bitch who is afraid to get his feelings hurt via rejection.

Become more attractive to women

You can increase your odds by learning to speak well, being confident, being fascinating, and looking your best. Guys will tell you all kinds of things. Take advice from guys who have success with the ladies. Don’t take advice from losers and beta males.

Note that that also applies to finances and losing weight as well. Only take advice from people who have already walked the walk. Otherwise, they’re talking out of their ass.

So yes. You can do perfectly well with the ladies being a nice guy. You should be in good shape, fun to be with, fascinating, and confident. And like anything in life, have some money. My inner circle all has money because I don’t want to pay for everyone’s fucking vacation.

Beach on San Andrés

Beach on San Andrés

Sunset on San Andrés

Sunset on San Andrés


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