You’ll start finding some folks fascinating

This is really a three-part article. I start off explaining that jealousy accomplishes nothing and actually hurts you because it makes you look like a loser. Then, when you start getting your life in order, you’ll stop caring what others are doing.

It gets even better. When you start feeling you’re going in the right direction, you’ll start finding some folks fascinating. People who kick ass will inspire you, rather than intimidate you.

That’s where you want to be, my friends. And I’ll tell you how to get there.

Jealousy is stupid

Jealousy is stupid. It accomplishes nothing. It’s a stupid trait and it’s a very beta way of thinking.

When you start becoming more alpha, driven people will inspire you. You’ll be finding some folks fascinating, the people who believe in themselves. The people who chase their dreams, especially those who achieve them.

Who inspires me now?

You know who inspires me? Anyone who’s not only passionate, but actually out there doing it. That could go for anything.

When I see someone pursue their dreams and make it, it reassures me that it can be done. For instance, I might get inspired by somebody who opens up a successful body shop and on the side, fixes up hot rods. I think that’s awesome because the guy’s pursuing his dreams and actually making it work.

Or one time, my wife and I met this one lady who makes greeting cards. They’re really good, and I know she makes a successful living doing it because I’ve seen her works in quite a few stores. She inspires me big time!

The models I know who are doing it full-time and traveling the world totally inspire me. Jin and Kristy from the Succubus and Darvulia videos both inspire me big time. They’re traveling the world and getting paid. It seems like everywhere we take a vacation, they’ve already worked there before.

Romantic Metal on finding some folks fascinating

Jin & Kristy have seen even more of the world than I have, and got PAID to travel

Finding some folks fascinating

The same will happen to anyone getting their lives in order. When you know you’re going in the right direction, winners will start to inspire you instead of intimidate you or make you jealous. You’ll find yourself drawn to them in a positive way instead of wanting to bring them down.

When you encounter people who love to bring others down, their lives are always shitty. That’s why they do it. They have shitty lives and they can’t stand the fact that other people are better than they are.

I love meeting my betters. I love picking their brains. It’s because I want to know how they got there, of course with the motivation that I may be able to copy their techniques.

You’ll find that a system that works for one field applies to many. Buy low, sell high applies to stock investing, real estate investing, investing in barrels of oil or pork bellies. You’ve also heard the saying that a salesman is a salesman. If he can sell furniture, he can sell cars. And if he can sell cars, he can sell software.

That’s why winners are inspired by other winners, no matter what the genre, style, or whatever the winner is a winner in.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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