My feminist friend hates competitive men but…

Roman of Astral Eyes with a female friends rant

My feminist friend hates competitive men, but wonders why she can’t attract a man who makes any money. Gee, I wonder why.

She pretty much hates masculinity since she equates masculinity with toxicity. Yes, you’ve heard all this crap before, especially if you live in California. Confidence, competitiveness, aggressiveness. She sees all those qualities as bad.

You know what I believe. I try to get men to be more competitive. Competition is a good thing. If anything, we should encourage it in boys. Heck, encourage it in girls too. I don’t care. If anything, we need to bring back competition, not suppress it.

So she’s not attracted to competitive men…

So, she’s not attracted to competitive men. And she wonders why she can’t find a man who makes decent money.

Look, this is the reality. Competitive men know what they want. Non-competitive men tend to be more passive aggressive and pussyfoot around things. They want what us aggressive men want. However, they’re too chickenshit to just go for it.

Instead, they passive aggressively try to get it. And all that succeeds in doing is making everyone disrespect them even more.

Competitive men make more money than non-competitive men. Nice guys finish last. As they should.

I don’t want a nice guy running my company. I also don’t want a nice guy as a wing man. And I especially don’t want a nice guy as my best friend. (If you don’t know the difference between “nice” and “kind,” you’re going to really struggle in life).

I’m trying to get famous with my music. The absolute last thing I want is a nice guy as my lead singer. I want a guy like Mick Jagger or Bruce Dickinson. Give me an aggressive man, a manly man. Because we all know that manly men lead, and a band needs a leader, not a whiner.

Know what you want

I respect people who know what they want and come out and say it. I don’t respect people who either don’t know what they want, or are too passive to say it. Worse still is when they lie about what they really want, then get mad when they don’t get it.

Know what you want in life, my friends.

Her current boyfriend is part-beta, part-cartoon. Beta because he lets life push him around. Cartoon because there’s a decent chance he’ll end up in jail since he doesn’t know how to control himself.

Too many people mistake cartoon males for alpha males.

No. Huge difference.

Alphas are in control

Alphas are in control. An alpha is not going to go into a bar looking for a fight. That’s a cartoon male.

The alpha is too busy building something awesome, like a company, an idea, or some kind of passion. Today’s television shows get alphas all wrong. They mistake alphas for cartoons. Actually, they do that on purpose because they hate alphas since most television writers are a bunch of whiny bitch betas. So they intentionally paint alphas as evil to make themselves look better. And their beta lead gets the hot chick, which almost never happens in real life.

Beta women get beta men and vice versa. You rarely find alpha women with beta men and it’s almost comical when a beta male asks out an alpha female. I say almost because I feel bad for the alpha woman. He wastes her time, then resents her because he’s about as sexually attractive as a blowup doll.

Anyways, the feminazi used to be attractive. She’s no longer attractive, and is very bitter about that. So of course she takes it out on today’s alpha males. And hates everything that makes a man a man – competitive nature, drive, ambition, determination, emotional strength, emotional fortitude, etc. She hates all those things because she can no longer attract a man with those traits.

Nowadays, she attracts men with weak traits – betas and cartoons. And complains endlessly how unfair life is.

Well, sweetheart, hate to break it to you, but you made the bed you sleep in.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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