Losers will try to make you feel guilty about success

Losers try to make you feel guilty about success

Losers will attempt to make you feel guilty about success. Why do they do this? Because, that’s all they got. They got guilt and they got shame, and they want you to feel one or the other. Or both.

You see, as a reasonably secure man, if you’re really good at something, I’m happy for you. I’m especially happy for you if you’re good in a field I want to be good at. Well, let me rephrase that. Actually, I’m not only happy for you, I want to pick your brain. I want to know how you became successful at it, especially if I’m not.

That’s a huge difference between a winner’s mentality and a loser’s mentality. The winner wants to improve his life, so he does what he can to do so. If that means being humble enough to ask for help who’s walked the walk, then so be it.

Now a loser on the other hand hates successful people. They do anything they could to bring them down.

What’s really sad is that they’ll do this even to their own friends and family members. When their best friend has great news to share, they’ll immediately think of a way to “put them in their place” instead of being happy for them.

If you think that’s pretty fucking pathetic, you’re right. And you probably know someone exactly like that.

If that person is a friend of mine, I let them go. If they’re a family member, I spend less time with them. It’s not that I want to be surrounded by yes men and women. Actually, it has more to do with surrounding myself with winners. Because real friends push me to achieve. They don’t allow me to be stale.

What does making you feel guilty about success accomplish?

So what does making you feel guilty about your success accomplish anyways? Nothing, other than to make them feel better about their mediocrity. Yes, it really is that pathetic.

Here are some real life examples of pathetic people I know.

I got called a womanizer by a beta male who resented the fact that girls talked to me but didn’t talk to him. I also got called a toxic male by a woman who can’t attract quality men anymore because she’s now too bitter and unattractive to attract a quality man. So, instead of fixing herself, she resents men who are somewhat successful.

Pathetic? Of course it is!

I don’t walk on water. I don’t have any special abilities. Nor do I have good genetics. I’m genetically mediocre – short, balding, and blind as a bat. That said, I have a solid work ethic that got me from an average dude with mediocre genetics into the top 5% of America.

My goal of course has nothing to do with net worth and everything to do with my art. I don’t even see myself as successful and I won’t until your neighbor’s kids love my band. I know that won’t be for awhile. I also know that I need to continue to bust ass to make it so.

But to weak, jealous people, I need to be brought down to their level because they’re too fucking lazy to take self-improvement seriously.

When you’re into self-improvement

You see, when you start getting into self-improvement, you stop caring what the people around you are doing. You start to focus on yourself. Ironically, instead of competing with the guy next to you, you start focusing on pushing yourself harder. You actually start to compete against prior versions of yourself.

Jealousy goes out the window. You no longer care that the guy next to you makes more money, has a better looking wife, or a nicer car. That becomes the absolute last thing that goes on in your mind.

Rather, you’re focused on your own goals.

That’s the problem with these losers. Rather than attempting to make themselves better, they’d rather drag everyone else down to their levels.

Now, I write about this not because these losers get to me, but because I want to help people improve themselves. If you catch yourself trying to drag other people down, stop. Rather, find something you want to improve about yourself, and work on that. And lastly, be humble enough to ask for help. Find someone who knows that particular field better than you do, and pick their brain.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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