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Establishing a morning routine for good discipline

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Good discipline is simply doing the same habits over and over again consistently. That’s all it is.

The easiest way to develop good discipline? Simple. Develop a morning routine. And stick to that morning routine.

Every morning, I wake up and drink my coffee, then immediately practice guitar & piano. I write complicated pieces which require good musicians. Therefore, if I’m going to be able to play my own pieces, I have to be a good musician.

Thus, I better practice. A lot.

How to establish a morning routine

It’s very simple. What do you want to accomplish? Figure that out, then do the steps you need to do to accomplish your task. Do that every single morning, regardless of how you’re feeling.

That means staying healthy, both physically and emotionally. That doesn’t mean getting so drunk that you’re too hungover to do anything the next morning. Or developing a drug habit where your drugs are more important than your morning routine.

I’m not at all implying being a goodie goodie. No, but rather being focused enough that you can stick to your routine without making excuses.

I’ve seen so much talent go to waste

Why did I even bring up drugs and alcohol? Take one guess.

You got it! As a musician, I’ve seen so much talent go to waste. I’ve known some pretty sick musicians who would show up drunk to practice. And live, they’d be off timing and people won’t see them a second time. Imagine that.

Yes, you could always give me examples of musicians who can do lots of alcohol and drugs and still kick ass. I get it. Believe me, those are exceptions. Not at all the rule.

For every musician who kicks ass on drugs and alcohol, there are twenty or thirty who are that one step away from making it, and it was drugs or alcohol that ruined their career.

The morning routine applies for everything

I just used music as an example. It also applies to putting on muscle or losing weight. Or simply getting shit done.

A morning routine is great for working out. You can work out in the morning and have the whole day to do other things. It will also boost your energy for the day. You’ll be feeling good all day long.

We live right by a walking trail. The people who walk or jog in the morning are considerably better looking than the ones who walk or jog in the evenings. That’s not a coincidence.

Now if you’re a night owl, you can switch this around to an evening routine. Keep in mind though, morning routines are easier to keep because there’s always someone who will bug you at night. Folks generally don’t bug you in the morning.

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