Elemental personalities

For elemental personalities, I'm definitely a water man

It’s funny. You go into a bar or a club and you get asked about your sign. Now, I’m not going to get into astrology. I’m a semi-scientific man. I don’t believe in astrology. But I don’t have a problem with it either. Believe whatever you want to believe. You be you.

People are complex. I had a hot chick describe to me the different astrological signs. She’d be like “and a virgo is…” and I’ll respond “that sounds exactly like me.”

Then she’d explain “and a gemini is like…” and I’ll respond “that sounds exactly like me.”

Multiple personality disorder? No. Like I just said, people are complex. Lumping people together generally backfires.

However, it’s fun to do. So, I created elemental personalities. (And in case you’re wondering, this post is more for fun than anything else. Leave your brain at the door and enjoy reading it).

Elemental personalities – air

Air people are airy, ethereal, and fly over everything. They generally avoid conflict. They’re often in their own worlds anyways.

Air people tend to be unreachable. They’re doing their own thing. You might hear back from them. You might not. Don’t take it personally. That’s just how they’re wired.

Air people naturally make pretty good artists. They’re also easy to get along with but difficult to be truly emotionally intimate with.

Elemental personalities – fire

Now fire people are totally different. They can range from the people who start shit to the best of the best motivational speakers. In fact, when they motivational speak, they sound like they were born to do it.

They’re always starting shit. This could be good or bad. Or neutral. But, they’re always doing something.

Fire people are passionate, motivated, driven. Basically, on fire. You’ll hear them say things like “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Or, they’ll be the type of people who talk about the benefits of sleep because as you and I know, they’re really trying to convince themselves that they need more sleep.

I’d love to hire a fire person. They’ll do a great job at any company. However, they’re also the type that will get promoted really fast and then completely disappear as some other company gave them a better offer.

Elemental personalities – water

I’m a water person. Very fluid.

I can morph in and out of any situation and be good at anything.

On the flip side, I didn’t know who the fuck I was until I was 37. There’s definitely a serious downside of being a water person. You’re so good at morphing that you may have difficulty knowing who you really are.

You’ll catch water people doing too much weed or other brain drugs because they’re using it experimentally to “discover themselves.”

Sounds mostly bad, right? Well, not really. Water people have better chances of surviving pretty much anything since they can morph into pretty much anything.

You’ll see water people with a strange variety of friends who have nothing in common with each other. Yet, that water person will have something in common with every single person in the room.

Elemental personalities – earth

I’m so not an earth person. Earth people are grounded, stable. You’ll hear them referred to as ancient and well-rooted.

Earth people are dependable. They have a lot of consistency and integrity. You often already know what an earth person will say before they will say it. That said, when an earth person speaks, you should listen. They’re about to tell you something that in the old days would be considered common sense. Today, it’s considered pretty fucking deep.

Earth people don’t evolve. They were born who they were and they’ll die who they are now. Whereas other people may make fun of that, if you’re truly confident in who you are, you’ll respect the earth person. You might even envy them as they were born wise. The other elemental peoples had to learn wisdom the hard way.

When it comes to relationships, you already know what you’re getting with an earth person. No surprises. The same applies for money as they’re disciplined people.

As a water person, I try to emulate earth people in monetary matters. Note the word “try.” If I were an earth person, I’d literally have double my current net worth. Another story for another day.

An incident

The fire person started an incident. The earth person is not moved by it.

Now, the air person flies over it since she either has better things to do or doesn’t want to deal with it. And the water person adapts to it.

Those mermaids

I’m a straight up water person. Even from a subconscious angle, I’m more often than not drawing something related to water.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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