Does the world owe you something? Or would you rather contribute something good?

Maui sunset - does the world owe you something?

In an earlier article, I posted about bashing the term alpha male. Which is lame. Men helping other men becoming better men is wonderful. Just like women helping other women becoming better women is wonderful.

I briefly touched on how alphas are more generous than betas. Alphas have a mindset that they want to produce something awesome. Betas have a mindset that the world owes them something. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which group turns out better people.

Which mentality would make the world a better place?

You tell me, wouldn’t you love to see generous people? Wouldn’t you love to see people who want to produce something awesome, something that can potentially benefit you?

Or would you rather see the world full of SJWs who think the world owes them something? Who are hell bent on bitching about how unfair everything is? Who get offended by just about everything?

I haven’t created any permanent jobs yet. However, I help artistic minded folk stay in business since I’m often either their primary or one of their top clients. This includes everyone from session musicians to sound engineers. A lot of these people I know quite well and they have substantial student loan debts that I help pay off.

One of my life goals is to create permanent jobs for artistically minded people. I love art, and that includes everything from music to dance to painting. I want to see artists thrive, not starve, and I’m risking my financial well-being on this.

Note that I can just as easily not spend a dime on Astral Eyes and everything related to it, semi-retire, and travel the world. But I don’t want to do that. I strongly believe that I have something to contribute.

Instead of contributing…

With folks who think that the world owes them something, they don’t contribute. They just take. And get offended. That mentality benefits neither me nor you. It actually has so many people walking on eggshells that some good folks think twice about releasing things. Which is sad.

You see where I’m going with this? SJW types, folks who think the world owes them something, actually do a lot more harm than good. Instead of creating jobs, instead of doing something productive, all they do is take. They’re really shitty people.

So change your mindset

So instead of thinking like an SJW, instead of thinking the world owes you something, how about contributing something productive? How about putting your financial well-being on the line and creating some jobs?

The folks who play the violins, violas, cellos, double basses, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, and even the drummer and the bassist – this is their full-time job. I know a bunch of these people personally. Most of them are not exactly swimming in money. I’ve been told many, many times how much I help. I appreciate being told that because I want to make a positive difference in good people’s lives.

Not only the musicians though. The sound engineers. And also the actresses. Of all the actresses you see, a few of them have day jobs. Most of them don’t.

Now once again, tell me, who do you think is making the world a better place? Me, who is keeping some of these folks afloat, or someone who gets offended by what I produce?

You see why I hate SJWs so much?

Now do you see it? I’m far from perfect as a person. I know my flaws and I’m working on them.

However, I’m trying. I’m really trying to make the world a better place.

SJWs on the other hand just take. They don’t contribute. And they have the audacity to want me to pay for them. They also want to raise taxes on me because I am “successful” at my day job.

I don’t even see myself as successful. Money is just a number to me. I’ll see myself as successful when I can quit my consulting business and work full-time as an artist. I’m not there yet.

And when I get there, I’ll bring others along with me. I’ll create jobs so other artists can thrive. I’ll make dreamers’ dreams come true. Plus, I’ll even provide them with financial planners, so they can pay off those student loans and credit card debts.

I personally know what it’s like to be swimming in student loan debt. It’s not fun. I finally paid off my student loans in full this year, despite dropping out years ago. As I got the certifications needed for my consulting business, my student loan interest was tax deductible. However, it’s still not fun to owe tens of thousands to someone else. So I know what it’s like first hand.

Does the world owe you something?

So tell me, does the world owe you something? And why do you think so?

Or, would you rather take life by the horns and do something awesome with your life?

Choose wisely, friends. This is your life we’re talking about. You only get to be you once. Make this life awesome!

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I already posted a few articles featuring a local sunset. So this article, I’ll post a Maui sunset – a shot I took last year from a sunset cruise at one hell of a wedding!


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