Do you use your time wisely?

use your time wisely

Use your time wisely. You may have heard your parents say that before. Serious question, do you?

I started this blog awhile back and sat on it for a few years. I didn’t take it seriously until December 2016.

Since then, a lot has happened. I’ve been in a band that bombed. Lost a lot of money because I insisted on real orchestral instruments and solid production.

I’ve also made a lot of money in stocks and had a pretty good home flip. Most importantly, my wife and I started taking travel very seriously.

Using time wisely

You get 24 hours in the day. Folks need different amount of sleep. But you still need sleep. You’ll learn by the age of 30 how much you really need.

So subtract that number minus 24.

If you have a day job, subtract those hours from the previous. And also subtract the time commuting.

That’s how many free hours you get.

If you use time wisely, you can overlap. For instance, if you drive, pick up some audiobooks and feed your brain. If you take the bus or the train, that’s the perfect time to get your reading done.

Or you can even work on your side project. Your blog for instance.

Health always should come first

No matter what, fit in a workout. You should be working out at least three times a week.

You’re completely broke? Body weight exercises and running are both free. Some parks have things you can use as pull-up bars. I’m old enough to be your dad and I can still do 14 pull-ups. That’s how I did them when I didn’t have a gym.

Get good at something

You should always either be perfecting your craft or picking up a new skill. Are you an entrepreneur? Great. Then you already know which skills you need to improve.

Do you work for someone else? Great. Then you should know what skills you need to improve to stay relevant in your field.

Take vacations

There’s a reason even the most asshole company is still required to offer vacation time. People burn out if they work nonstop.

Vacations are the absolute best time to spend with your family. Do something so memorable that they’ll mention it at your funeral.

Yes, I’m quite serious. As I said, I’m old enough to be your dad. I go to a lot of funerals nowadays. So give your loved ones something good to talk about.

You only get one life as you my friends. Use your time wisely.

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Taken near the sound engineering studio in Alameda, California. We loved the hotel marina motel there so I could get a good night sleep.


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie.

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