Do you enjoy life?

It’s a serious question – do you enjoy life? I mean, truly enjoy life?

I do. I’ve had a wonderful 2016. It’s not over yet, but so far, it’s been quite good.

I took my wife on a 10-day Alaskan cruise in September. She’s been wanting to go for years and we finally got around to it. I also took her to Maui for a week in May. Earlier that month, we shot a video outside of Vegas with two gorgeous women.

That video was the third video we shot this year. It was the first one I directed. I’m finally directing again after literally a twenty year absence.

Where do we go from here?

So, where do we go from here? We keep chugging along. My wife and I got tickets to Colombia. I’ll post plenty of pictures.

We have a hard rule where every year, we have to leave the country. We go to a country we haven’t been to before. There’s a long queue of countries. We’re going to die with passports full of stamps.

What do we want to accomplish?

It’s a serious question we should all ask ourselves. Let me ask you. What do you want to accomplish? Think carefully. Also, think if you’ll be able to pull it off. If not, why not?

I’ll tell you what I want to accomplish. I already told you about my travel plans. But, I got some much heavier goals.

I want to write five awesome Metal albums. The sub-genre of course is Romantic Metal. Thus, the name of the site.

My wife and I are also heavy supporters of the San Francisco Ballet. I don’t just want to support them financially. I want to compose ballets myself.

There’s nothing more I’d want than to live to see ballets I wrote performed by a world renowned ballet company. Do I have it in me? I believe I do. And I’m taking steps to pull it off.

Enjoy life by dreaming big

Dream big, my friends. There’s only one truth in this world. We all die. Don’t go to your deathbed with regrets. Instead, die smiling, knowing you’ve led the life you wanted to lead.

Astral Eyes enjoy life


Roman is an artist, composer, writer, and travel junkie, and he can still throw a football

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